Sunday, October 26, 2014

If I could..

If I could just write down the melodies in my head right now..
If I could just charge up my lost curiosity right now..
If I could just make up for those lost thoughts right now..
If I could just come up with one brilliant thought right now..
If I could just wake her up right now..
If I could just fall off to sleep right now..

I would..
Not be bothered by those melodies in my dream..
Explore that curiosity uninterrupted in my dream..
Be regretless of missed thoughts in my dream..
Regret that, that thought might just always be my dream..
Tell her about my dream..
Have my dream..

If I could just right now.. I would rather live my dream..

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal aur AAP

I am prompted to write this after yet another AK and AAP bashing. At certain times it was hard to not take this personally. But it is different now. I have seen AK being reduced to a person with problems like any leader. He had his moment when 33% of Delhi constituencies were behind him. Then had his low when NaMo swept everything. I write here not to prove him or AAP right but to try to bring forth what is NOT wrong about them.

Most importantly, AK and his AAP are still (and probably will always be) more of a movement than ever a political party. Expecting anything more is irrelevant here. Gussa jayaz hai, but don't blame them. They are one of the voices. Voices of dissent against existing political and bureaucratic establishment. That's their way of fighting the system. The system, which no doubt is as corrupt and vulnerable as was when they started this movement.

What they started doing and what they are doing all is part of their existence (romantically calling - wajood). I don't see anything wrong in them trying to be constantly true to that. Their most important agenda has been clean politics and honest people in politics - zero criminals. Then they want is active participation of people in politics. They also want voices to be heard from every section of society. They want social welfare organisations to have political voice. And most importantly they want zero tolerance towards corruption. Sadly it looks like to make all this relevant to media they constantly have tried to target the current authority, even when it is sabka favorite Narendra Modi.

About just AAP. They have, since they were formed, been engaging everyday people, lighting the spark of political consciousness. I have been actively following the party ever since its inception and have appreciated just how much it has been about everyday volunteers than just the founders. I have seen more than one place where an NGO/social activist has felt politically empowered for the first time. I have seen more than few times that AAP volunteers clean out streets in their localities - way before PMO launched swachh bharat abhyaan. And like that I have seen more than few times that AAP has been relevant even without AK anywhere in picture.

Lastly, agreed that both of them have faltered more than few times on their path - but relevance of those instances is miniscule compared to revolutionary political experiment they have brought about. The political experiment which will bear its fruits in no more than 5 years!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

ज़िन्दगी गुलज़ार है..

.. इष्क का दरबार है
यहाँ घम को पालना बेकार है ..

We have been watching a new TV series. A Pakistani TV series.  Zindagi Gulzar Hai. R finished first 8 eps. herself before I dived in. We barely steered away from an accident (of kind ‘dawn breaking TV series marathon’) late last night.

Once we realized what ‘gulzar’ meant, we realized so apt is this title. If R was positively excited to see Kashaf and Zaroon moving on a collision course, I was worried of it. If now R is worried of their woes post the collision, I am gladly seeing the beauty of how script is handling what I was worried about earlier. I am also glad to have small internet streaming interruptions, allowing us to steal glances saying ‘love’/‘interesting!’/‘is Kashaf crazy?’/‘is Zaroon a pig?’/‘what??’.

Apart from some little drama of kinds a TV dramas are made of, pacing of this TV series is unique. Like some scenes we wondered if having a date and place between some scenes would have helped. And like (the even better one) some conversations/non-conversations alongside tea/oranges/biscuits/coffee aren’t paced at all!

Chai aur Santre? yea! I know, sipping & munching is a thing which happens alongside most conversations/non-conversations irrespective of the intensity. If R has any problem with this series is this particular thing. Kicking off go munch munch cravings with every one of these scenes. Thank Jain dharma for feeling not so like that at all when they are having sheek kababs or machhi fry :) – I’ll have to admit that is when a very small cravings go through me …

Monday, March 10, 2014

“The Opposite of Poverty ..

The opposite of poverty is not wealth. In too many places the opposite of poverty is justice.
- Bryan Stevenson Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative
A thought provoking idea. I thought there is so much rationale behind this idea. Not for anything else but Justice. Then, I was thinking, so can this be applied to say “The opposite to impact of subjugation, harassment, inequality etc. is …”? Is the answer same? Yes, but not in same context. Why not?
I think answer lies in the very perception I have about poverty. Is poverty just an impact of being deprived of wealth? If so, then lack of wealth is not necessarily always the single influencing factor towards such ills faced by wealth-deprived-section-of-society. Lack of wealth doesn’t need to translate to things like constant subjugation, harassment or inequality. In short, poverty is not always an impact of these. So what am I missing? Aha, the lack of Justice. It is the lack of Justice to poor which has linked poverty directly to such things in many societies including US. If however in India, lack of justice could be towards even rich. If there is no lack of Justice, poverty as a state of being can carry along as it is. Nothing wrong with it.
Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with this. Not everyone in a society can be rich nor can everyone be poor. Society is made of both and multitude of other states of being. Many a times it is just a choice of a sub-section of society or, if objectively put, choice of an individual. Sometimes educational or religious institutions affect these choices. But I am not here talking about all that.
I believe, a poor is no different than a wealthy. Both know this - “I need to earn to bargain for food, love, and education”. Both work towards so. However, the problem for the society arises when they step on each other’s toes when striding towards so. Then if society has to decide who is at fault, it is the test of Justice. Whom then does our laws of society side with? Poor or Wealthy? Hindu or Muslim? Kashmiri or State? Man or Woman? Wealthy corporation or Income Tax babus? Oh, by the way, if for society decides to side at all, there is end to Justice.
Lack of Justice, or society’s incapability to deliver Justice to any sub-section of society, in case of Bryan Stevenson - the poor, is what I want to talk about here. In fact, it is not Justice at all even when delivered to everyone in a nation but one (whoever that one be!).
So after writing so much I dare to modify his quote like this -
If an impact of an action is such that its an hindrance in thing’s ability to learn, express, love, and earn. Then opposite of that impact is Justice.
See I got it. It isn’t poverty, I was looking for a wider encompassing term – though an impact is all I could manage. Poverty at some places could be one such impact, but as I said before it also is driven by many other social and economic factors. Signing off with this wonderful TED talk by Bryan Stevenson, which inspired me to write after really long time!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Commentaries on our Society...

I read and I liked them. Until I realized I had just more than few likes on Hindu’s editorial section in two days. That is when I sat and reflected on why just following articles …

A tussle an honest teacher goes through her day. A tussle between her professional duties and her teaching aspirations.
A teacher speaks her mind -
Breaking the shackles of draconian/colonial laws. It is about “Mental Health Care Bill, 2012”. Recognizing them as not lunatic or idiots but with genuine disability.
Mental illness, choice and rights -
Spate of shameful incidents in Haryana followed by unimaginable solution provided by khaps and the former chief minister.
Toughen your daughter, sensitise your son
image The final commentary is our attitude towards simple facts in life. How forgotten we are of greatest discoveries surrounding us at present and then too knocking the blanks, the heaven abode.
Let’s ignore science at our peril

The authors above have started with describing the nature of problem and then gone into how our current society evaluates and addresses such problems..

मेरा धर्म

मेरा धर्म क्या है?
  • मेरे भगवान? 
  • मेरा देश? 
  • मेरे माँ बाप? 
  • मेरा प्यार? 
  • या सिर्फ मेरी सोच?
    • किस सोच ने बनाया मुझे?
    • किस सोच ने मुझे बड़ा किया?
    • किस सोच कि आधार पे, मैं अपना रोज निकालता हूँ?
    • किस बात पे मुझे गुस्सा आता है? किस सोच पे में जग उथता हूँ?
    • यह सोच केवल एक कल्पना या एक fact?
जीवन की यह अनोखी यात्रा पे भटकती मेरी सोच ...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doubt Wonder & Question

In this entire length of video (50 min) Richard Feynman might seem to say there is no ultimate truth, but, he definitely will make you believe in ultimate journey he has had while searching for smaller truths. He starts with how he learned to explore truths and ends with how he wishes everyone did. He cautions against taking the journey too casually or dares anyone adorning it with epaulets. His voice, ideas and experiences have sweetly profound affects! I have wasted 100 minutes on this video already :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain's Sun orbiter!

Sun is our nearest one-end of the space frontiers and the following, European Space Agency, mission looks likely to accomplish it by 2017.
The extreme fun watching this video is in solution they have devised to reach near orbit of Sun. Sequence of sling shots using geosynchronous orbit of planet Earth and Venus alternatively - and not just once. Hopefully they are able to time those jumps exquisitely ..   

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We have just started the fire ..

(during this 50 years) Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin and television and nuclear power, and now if America's new spacecraft succeeds in reaching Venus, we will have literally reached the stars before midnight tonight..
so said JFK in a speech to Rice university 1962. A breathtaking thought as far as I am concerned. Entire speech and video can be found here

Monday, May 28, 2012

Minimalist culture in USA

I recently bumped onto few hilarious "downsides" of being minimalist - a new american eye-rolled-upon pop culture - as put by author here -
  • If you travel lightly for a few weeks with only a small carry-on, customs officers might get suspicious — who travels with almost nothing, besides maybe a terrorist?
  • You don’t get as good a workout walking around with a light bag instead of one laden with lots of stuff. I put weight plates in my backpack if I want to compensate for this
  • When you go to other people’s houses, you might start mentally fantasizing about getting rid of their stuff for them 
  • People will ask you, almost non-stop, how you can be a minimalist with so many kids .. 
I thought the last one was really funny!!

And now when I read beyond some of the above, there I was thinking again. It is crazy how this is such an enduring task for an individual. Being minimalist is preparing against this extreme authority of consumerism. They are really trying hard!

However, they might not have to (struggle) if this society didn't have such an inherent pressure of being productive every hour in a day. I know it is a far fetched deduction, but it is not entirely disconnected. This culture is about subjugating oneself to producing and then pampering oneself for doing so. And as more and more work force gets into industry of producing services for others, more this idea is getting out of hand. The returns of ones' production ability is going down, however, methods of pampering oneself is only following additive nature. Thus increasing gap between production and consumption. Aided by idea of sourcing cheap services from other countries (like soft services from third world, oil from middle east and goods from Asia pacific).

Coming in fair terms with one's productivitability is what first world "minimalist" and wait ... millions around the world!! .. have probably achieved (or trying to). Only difference is, it is so much an habit in other countries vs. the struggle in american culture.

p.s. when i say "american culture" it is really the "culture" that i am referring to and not entire population of Americans. This culture could and is easily found in many other parts of world including metro cities in India. My deductions could be hampered by my prejudices and I do not disclaim them. I do have some, as everyone does, because my deductions are solely a thought process and no where reflects actual research in topic.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Battlestar Galactica

The Cylons Were Created By Man.
They Were Created To Make Life Easier On Twelve Colonies.
And Then The Day Came When The Cylons Decided To Kill Their Masters.


Something to couch potato on, after really really long time!