Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Digged out ...

Something I wrote way back during IPL v1.0 ... (looking back .. feel lil naive now)

Would you ever know?

In a grand ceremony with well wishes from every one to any one - Cricket (HE) weds Entertainment (SHE). Everyone from family to friends to 'baraati' cheer them up. They go out for honeymoon.. they both have great fun.. Explore each other like they never thought they could. The amalgamation is what the best they thought could happen to them. The amalgamation is what everyone thought best could happen to boring He and out-of-partners She. The pundits, the city mayor, the priests all are happy because they know this is the best possible solution because the followers are happy. After all, both of them have grown together… both will know each other so well … both will take care of each other like they never could of themselves…

Then one day when the Honeymoon was over, He sees someone - hmmm is it that old buddy .. the popular the sporty the elegant ... he takes a look at his (buddy’s) hand. And immediately recognition strike. He knows who he is... he is the one who use to win all the awards in school... he is the one who use to be so popular … he is the one who... who wore 8 gold rings!!! … What... how... when did that happen????

He doesn’t know?? He asks his wife?? She even wonders what those 8 gold rings are??? [She asks are they designed by Tanishq?] Well he doesn't know that of course neither is there anyone to tell him. Then one day looks out of window and sees a kid playing. Running getting dirty all over with no concerns with no .. with no … with no nothing… He was playing!! Simply playing!!! Oh my god when did I … its been ages when I only played… i dress prada … i drink scotch… I dance all night … but when in morning I want to play… I … I cannot… I m tired already!!!

Then one night he knew he cannot go for the party, he lets her leave as well. He goes to the park he use to play everyday. He finds his old buddy again and realizes there and there what is needed…

ps. Hockey has won 8 gold medals in olympics...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

All made sense..

Baccano : 20 something characters. All driven by different cause-effects. Scared to hell Hero. Dumb damsel who could put anyone in distress 1

Death Note : Lighto and L. Not the abbreviation but the fierce friends. Black and White. Checkmates.. 1

Wake up Sid : Mumbai rains! 1

Before Sunrise : Prelude to exciting effects... 1

Invictus : Nelson Mandela says - "How do we inspire ourselves to greatness, when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us?" 1

House M.D. - House might say - "How do I inspire myself to greatness, when nothing less will do? how do I ground everyone around?" 1

The Man from Earth - A conversation with 2100 years old Yeshu... 1

12 Angry Men - Ek ruka hua faisla ... 1

V for Vendetta - Vendetta was never this musical... 1

Shangrila (newer one) - Hidden heaven.. It made all sense to me... 1

Before Sunset - day's encounter .. a feminist meets american again 1

Queen - re-discovered it... ever heard this song? "Bicycle .. Bicycle .. I want to ride my Bicycle!"1

John Lennon - Dreamer|Working Class Hero|Jealous Guy ... heard them before.. knew them never 1

1 English Movies
1 Music
1 Books
1 Anime TV Series
1 TV Series
1 Hindi Movies