Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya on facebook ..

my facebook buddies >>

*Is praying for a day when peace becomes a religion @Sneha

*1/3 for hindus , 1/3 for muslims & 1/3 for ram lalla @Thakur

*At this point I should admit I have no clue on what exactly is the Ayodhya conflict or even is this place Ayodhya. kthxbai @Annkur

*"Media" is a bigger danger to nation peace than the interested parties :) They are very worried about everybody got '1/3' :( @Adarsh

Might be they thought they also deserved a '1/3' :P

*Finally....Verdict came .... and now we have to go to office tomorrow.... :(:( @Vaibhav

I by the end of reading of it >>

we are on War alert..

  • 1,90,000 security personnel in Uttar Pradesh

  • 19 places have been identified as "sensitive."

  • Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have been identified as trouble-prone.

  • Central forces would be 10 minutes away and on call with extensive deployment near sensitive spots.

  • India Air Force aircraft would be on standby to transport troops to eight places across the country.

  • Ban on bulk SMSes continues.

  • No pillion riders and parking not allowed near restricted sites in Delhi, Hyderabad.

  • 'am SAD!!