Thursday, July 30, 2009

long pending thoughts ...

Its been for almost a month now. Like the thoughts have come and gone and just that the tangible words haven't met them on my blog :) ... so will start blogging afresh but before that just a round trip through each of those random thoughts -

Mangalore Monsoons
The thunders and showers, what a amazing way to arrive. Since there's been a lengthy good-bye to them, there has to be welcome note as well and so had wanted to post this ... but i guess i m too far away from the place,weather and time (sitting in desert doesn't help much) to put down the welcome message.

Mangala STP
This was my office a week before. It was named so. Smallest of all Infy Mega Structures. However, the place was full of life .. well crowded spaces simmers such seemingly ... with TT and Pool tables in hall ways ... Badminton court cum Volley Ball court on the way to food court. The serenest (:p) place to say was my Swimming Pool to which i lay - not bare totally :) - any time i could.. All this is memory from past (may be a year or so) as things have changed quite a lot now with TT tables moved to recreational block and Swimming Pool being host to Water Polo crowd most of the time :( ..

They Let me go
yes just like that.. fill those feedback forms and put that ID card down and then you are free as that free bird which had once come down here to Mangalore... its sad but an honest way of letting one go... definitely

UP-78 P 8498
Mangalore Traffic police are IMHO sedated with dose of honest pills .. cauz they never ever questioned more than 1000kms wheelin all through Mangalore roads in UP-78 Maruti 800. May be they knew this 9yrs old model has had enough Mumbai cops trouble already :p ... well know the car is in new land called Gujarat to test crude eyes of hawaldars here in Mehsana

Mangalore Food & Beer
... i think i can dedicate one full page to this one... wil spare myself here

Special Mentions
Dr. Devdas Shenoy - the Malaria specialist who cured more than half of my roommates
Jasani Tiffin Service - the Gujju tiffin specialist who let us live through the Great Mangalore Riots
Nilgiris - a supermarket so very close to home and heart (cauz it served my stomach) and sometimes with very nice music playin the place was grazing ground for ppl like me
Sulthan Battery - another so to say watch tower.. a very small one .. over the creek... the place was getaway of sorts .. and also let u get into small ferry to tanirbavi beach across the creek..
Ideals @ Infy - there's been papaya, orange, banana, chiku shakes/juices most of the time and then there's been Chocolate shake almost all the time :) ... well the chocolate at any place can be good but at this place it was GOO..OD
CCD @ Infy - The regular coffee joint for us .. power coffee joint for power houses of Infosys Mangalore. Anycase, this place was special to me for my coffee and coffee mates :)

and that brings me to end of something from very immediate past... i guess had many more but once for all .. those shall - RIP

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

thought for today ...

early morning breakfast ... coupons at counter and straight at the chai stop with my coupon .. and then i realize i have broken the queue without realizing it !! and then embarrassingly i go back to await my turn !! and following words come to my mind -
Ignorance is key to fake attitude ...