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Steps to filing RTI

RTI - Right To Information

Simple steps -

Step 1. Research on your grievances. The more information you have gathered on the topic (formally or informally) the stronger you can make your case. Also it may be possible that your research itself would convince you that there is no need to file and RTI.

Step 2: Draft the RTI: Although you can file the RTI via email, please avoid it. The best way to get the ball rolling in an government office is have things in writing. RTI can be filed on a simple piece of A4 paper in any language (Hindi, english or the regional language). It can be hand written also.

Step 3: Locate the Public Information Officer/PIO. As per law, all government organizations need to have a designated Information officer who would be responsible to handle your RTI. If the department website does not have it, ask someone in the office. If you are still not able to locate him/her you can write to the head of the department.

Step 4: Pay the nominal fees of 10/-. Most departments prefer if you pay via a Postal Order/Demand Draft, however cash is also accepted. Based on the effort required in compiling the response, some additional fees might be charged to you later on, but its nominal.

Step 5: Submit the application
a. In person. Just walk into the office and file it in person. Usually there is hardly any waiting queue and the process should not take long.
b. Speed/registered post: Avoid Couriers because its not recognized by GoI.
c. Electronically: Although it is permitted, there is often a problem in sending the fees etc via this mode.

Step 6: Acknowledgement:
This is the most crucial step. All RTI applications have to be answered in 30 days. Hence please preserve the application number and date of filing.

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am I still dreaming ...

.. I still do not know what are the real world realities... I still do not know that the books do not speak the real world... I still do not know why credit, more than merit, proves higher worth ... I still do not know why Modi was the choice of 300+ seats in Guj elections 2003... I still do not know why many still approve of silent religious sectionalizing across India ( i witness this in Mangalore right now) ... I still do not know what made IPL the flavor above the Elections this season ... I still do not know why Kashmir should be ours or theirs ... I still do not know why many think Bush made right choices, if not for America, but for India! ... I still do not know why should we be scared of Obama ... I still do not know why Climate Scare Mongering is what is needed to make person aware of his home ... I still do not know why MJ choose to be MJ that died last thursday ... I still do not know MTV is MTV no more ...
just a last one for now :p...I still do not know why any one would want to marry Rakhi!

to list is aplenty .. the confused soul is 1 ...

'Let me Speak'

... to think of it again ... hope you do not read too much in to this self indulgent words...