Saturday, July 30, 2011

V.S. Ramachandran - TED talk

I have read his book sometime back and was as amazed then as I was seeing this video today. I have blogged about it twice and today I put video up there for someone who might then want to read the book later ..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Mother's Coat - an Animation

plain pleasing and lovely

My Mother's Coat from Moth on Vimeo.

This film is about my Italian mother and her confessions about life in Greece. Based on an interview that I did with her about motherhood, she talks to me about her arrival in post-dictatorship Athens in the 70’s, her struggle to adjust to the greek mentality, her memories and nostalgia of motherhood, but also her long lasting desire to move back to her small hometown in Italy.

Directed by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits

Royal College of Art 2010

entire video here -

Friday, July 8, 2011

Experience the canoeing...

sitting on the back seat of our canoe I was sure I will be carried to places where I wouldn't intend to be. Moreover, places where I DO NOT INTEND TO BE. But it happened. My steering didn't help and we kept crashing from one bank to another. So as we approached one end I start crying push away push away but no S has absolutely no idea what were those paddles for. first Bump! second Bump! then bushes! and then another where I find myself laying flat on my back. That is how we saved ourselves from hitting those tree branches hanging just about 2 feet over the Hocking river.. Pleasing to ears were those stranger claps later. It was definitely amazing for me that we made it through.

then... Soon we thought we had control over it but we hit a submerged log in the river.My partner thought he was pushing away but he ended by dragging the canoe more on top of it. Stuck we both, dared ourselves out of the canoe for first time - there was something scary getting of a boat right at the middle of a river. Good we realized we had to get on to it soon enough. But wait - did I miss this. I had the feeling when getting back on. I knew I could crash on my back anytime. And of course I did. That was painful! I do not really understand why people find someone's ass crashing so very funny.. It was painful!

then... We set off again. This time we really had everything in control. Minor instances when my partner tried to hit those hanging branches with those paddles. No reason. I thought he just felt like doing it. But hell no! he wanted them to hit me after he ducks under..

then... we wanted to jump off the hanging tree branch on to the river. But we weren't sure if it was not shallow enough. So I (i do not know why) set off on foot towards the hanging tree branch against the river stream. It wasn't that difficult until I thought I had hold on my feet. Further however, with the slippery basin and deeper water (chest high), my one step forward = most of the steps were backward. Funny was when guy kayaking thought of helping me out. He asked me to hold on to his kayak and he will get me there. I thought he was a fool to pull me and I was right. Then we had better idea. I know some swimming - I should kick those legs like a toad in water.. i crock once i crock twice .. the kayak dude exhales out "not working" I feel so stupid right now. We set back towards our canoe and groan at the stupid idea.. 

then... We had seen groups hanging out on river banks. But none were like this one. These had the Tarzan swing ready to jump on to water. We banked again. We muddled through again.. three of us S, S and I took turns swing diving into the water - by far the best part of that long weekend!

then... we were tired! hell and waiting for our journey to end! each paddle was an exhaustive drag. one by one. few moments rest . then few more paddles. few moments rest again. Finally we were there and then, with few yards to spare, S all of sudden jumped of the canoe and with that a spirit called 'i will be ever be amazed at this guy' left my body.. i silently paddled few final strokes

However at the end of all this .. Canoeing was WORTH every Paddle! Thanks S for making this plan man!!