Sunday, May 31, 2009

An erstwhile community in Orkut..

HINDI ( हिन्दी ) (18 members)

मैने सोचा क्यों ना एक हिन्दी की कमिटी ऑरकुट में हो.. तभी पाता किया बाराहा.कॉम का.. डॉन्लोड करो यह सोफ़्तवॅर ऍडं गर्व मह्सूस करो हिन्दी होने का । मैं समझता हूं की हिन्दी या देवनागरी ही एक भाशा है जिसका आधार ना की कोई रटने वाली वणमाला है पर एक सोची समझे अध्यनों द्वारा विक्सित की गयी प्रणाली है । अगर आप ध्यान से परखें तो आप जानें गे की हिन्दी की वणमाला का पेहला अक्छर 'क' आप की गले की भीतर से निकलता है और वणमाला का आख्ररी अक्छर 'ह' होटों से हवा छोङने पर निकलता है । इसी तरह बीच के सभी अक्छर हमारी स्वर निकालने की शमता पे आधारित है । इस से ज्यादा खोज यार मेरे बस की शायद बात नाही है.. क्यों शायद यह हुनर आप में है ;) मैने इतनी महनत कभी अंग्रेजी लिखने में कभी नही की .. पर अंग्रेजी में पले बङे हम हिन्दी के लिये शायद यही सही है.. go to if u r not getting above fonts go to above site & believe me an effort wont go waste.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i Matrix...

its been almost 10 years since the first one came out.. it hasn't stopped impressing me since, not even after watching for umpteen times. What has impressed me all this time? the action sequences the very first time.. the enigma the next time... the quotes the third time ... the idea ... the analogy ... the performances ... the etc! ...

Friday, May 22, 2009

i Annoy...

..i definitely feel so... It's always been this way... I stay quite ... I look good... and then I speak ... I annoy ... or do i?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Learnt ...

How odd that it never struck me that beneath this unctuous ghee of compassion might lurk a supreme arrogance: for quietly I had believed I was superior, just for being able to feel all these things, just for being able to ask all those questions. It occurred to me that the kind of cushioning life had provided me- which gave me the freedom to think the way I did and live the way I'd lived - was itself a grand privilege very few could avail themselves of. At the same time, I had never wanted to put my superior cognizance to the test by actually doing something, either for myself, or for the poor souls who excited my compassion. Real work was for others, the poor toiling masses. I was the spiritual aristocrat, by virtue of my superior sensibility. With hindsight, I found it laughable that I prided myself on my sense of empathy, claiming to abjure privilege of any sort, when in actual fact I was just being bone lazy. And most likely, afraid as well. Afraid to test the mettle of my alleged superiority.

The miseries and misfortunes of other people can be overwhelming. They can make one feel like giving up, like lying down and letting things drift unto death. But suddenly a terrible fear has gripped me. All my theories have turned to dung. I don't want to be submerged in common mire. I want to be different. I'll say it now. I want to be special. I want to be happy...

- picked up from - Radiance of Ashes

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Waltz With Bashir

An animated movie that blew me away. I understand this already is quite a popular film with just a lone lose at Oscar's (2009).

A film is about the Israeli filmmaker's (Ari Folman) attempt at gathering lost war-memories. Through the movie, which is about the Israeli offensive in Lebanon, the foot soldiers, the innocent civilians and a lone journalist narrate the events/nightmares/dreams/songs/'boy holding an RPG' back to him and he is just able to recollect one, which no one comprehends to.

How amazing is our mind to be able to wane out the memories that trouble us, just to keep us sane, just to keep us alive. It rubbishes the poignant details and replaces them with the milder vanities. And just when you see your life had no such scars, it's the other side of conscience which starts rubbing them all over again. This is what movie is about to the director and least it is about war.

Coming to animation part. Outstanding and amazing. I remember childhood animated series such ,as Jonny Quest, used to amaze me with the details detailing each and every lineament muscles of character. This movie along with brilliant back ground graphics and narration, gets added to one of the precious films I treasure.

I have greater tendency to liking a film on its poignant score, but this one surely scores way above in other departments .. narration/animation/music/intention ..

p.s. I watched it in DVD which had no subtitles ( film is in Hebrew ! ) and therefore I downloaded one from net and linked it to my film using VLC player ( i did that for first time and I am excited about it :D)

Friday, May 1, 2009

i Scribbble

i drink
i eat
i coke
i enjoy
i blog
i work
i work hard
i work hardest
i party
i party harder
i roadie
i worship
i meditate
i love
i hate
i earn
i spend
i travel
i quibble
i frustrated
i need change
i hope
WE DON'T vote