Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Part 3 : Why I never liked this place

contd from .. PTO to day before

So coming to those pranksters, noise makers and irksomeones! damn i hated that guy who used to poke (saala har jagah ungli karta tha) .. i had ticklish stomach so what ... given a chance i would file an abuse case on him now! Then few greyhounds always kept our teacher's on toes.. so much so .. one algebra ma'am actually broke down trying to explain the most irrelevant difference between 'x' and '.' ... I couldn't believe my eyes!! I remember a geometry class which usually had figures on blackboard except for one day the figure put up there was of err.. u know wat .. (8p) . Oh then came the social service camps, those mandatory ones! The SSC were mandated for 10th std in Maharashtra. For this we were sent to Aurangabad, Maharashtra. We wondered, of all the places we are sent to land of Ajanta and Ellora. oh! those rock carvings and our leaking hormones .. damn people went crazy with stories!! All this was topped up by separate boys and girls doubts solving session in the evening. I wonder how many doubts were actually solved that evening. Do not know about girls but guys came out weirdest of instances and Qs.. i remember seeing the instructor's face going OMG! :D. That same camp had plans to show a Jackie Chan movie other day. We all have grown up seeing those movies, but this one turned out to be too much for our grown ups cauz it started with a smooch and whole plan was abandoned right there! damn!! our face went OMG!! grown ups plz plz grow up!!

Then this event that totally is totally frozen in my mind. The song 'Aati kya khandala' was echoed all the places those days and some how a girl student from another school heard it from one of the boys from our school. Well it was St. Xavier's Group Of Schools that had gone for this SSC. Anyways, this girl went crying to our beloved (i hated her though) Ms. Pinto and then the most distressful scene followed. Crying Ms. Pinto, All boys cramped into single room for scrutiny, and leather belt smacking teacher. We weren't frightened because we didn't do anything wrong, but hard leather belt smacker made sure he picked one punching bag among us and he smacked until the boy broke down. Broke down not for the guilt but the pain. I still see that day as worst act of abuse in schools. I wasn't learned enough to lodge a complaint against that teacher, otherwise I would have!!!

...PTO day after