Saturday, July 9, 2016

History of India podcasts...


If not for the podcasts I would have never ventured into history of India. I do not recollect what piqued my interest (if it is what I suspect it is - then beware another frustration-ridden blog). 

Only thing I am disappointed with is, is the authors of following podcasts were influenced outside India looking inwards. Not because they are not well versed. Not for their hard-fought-efforts to say the Sanskrit/Hindi/Urdu  names right. But for they being the only option I could find in world of Podcasts. I would love to see some more such podcasts which tell me the other side of the story. After all, what we have here is still an extrospection which if supplemented with sound introspection would be an icing (beware that there is one episode by Kim Patrik where an Indian student introspects in an interview -  a fail!) 


History of India by Kim Patrik

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Incarnations : India in 50 Lives

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Quick tip - Instead of diving into the very latest episode, begin both the podcasts from their very first. And you will be, as I was toggling between two - whichever one was downloaded to my phone, sweetly surprised by cross references of same personalities in both the podcast.