Sunday, October 21, 2012

Commentaries on our Society...

I read and I liked them. Until I realized I had just more than few likes on Hindu’s editorial section in two days. That is when I sat and reflected on why just following articles …

A tussle an honest teacher goes through her day. A tussle between her professional duties and her teaching aspirations.
A teacher speaks her mind -
Breaking the shackles of draconian/colonial laws. It is about “Mental Health Care Bill, 2012”. Recognizing them as not lunatic or idiots but with genuine disability.
Mental illness, choice and rights -
Spate of shameful incidents in Haryana followed by unimaginable solution provided by khaps and the former chief minister.
Toughen your daughter, sensitise your son
image The final commentary is our attitude towards simple facts in life. How forgotten we are of greatest discoveries surrounding us at present and then too knocking the blanks, the heaven abode.
Let’s ignore science at our peril

The authors above have started with describing the nature of problem and then gone into how our current society evaluates and addresses such problems..

मेरा धर्म

मेरा धर्म क्या है?
  • मेरे भगवान? 
  • मेरा देश? 
  • मेरे माँ बाप? 
  • मेरा प्यार? 
  • या सिर्फ मेरी सोच?
    • किस सोच ने बनाया मुझे?
    • किस सोच ने मुझे बड़ा किया?
    • किस सोच कि आधार पे, मैं अपना रोज निकालता हूँ?
    • किस बात पे मुझे गुस्सा आता है? किस सोच पे में जग उथता हूँ?
    • यह सोच केवल एक कल्पना या एक fact?
जीवन की यह अनोखी यात्रा पे भटकती मेरी सोच ...