Thursday, April 15, 2010


1kg boots up the fibula, another kg Skis slid in to those shoes! the first thing person learns when learning to ski is to learn to fall down cauz there is no way to learn otherwise :P

The number of times S took that dive just to avoid hitting the person in front him (cauz he still hadn't figured out how to stop - a technique called pizza) was innumerable. It took him all super human efforts to walk- start slid - see an obstacle - determine best position to fall - make a dive - roll down- regain senses - bend your ankles - regain foot (err ski) hold ! and the multiply that with innumerable times = beaten body next day.

And A had mastered his pizza quite well. He went through steepest the slowest. Man that was caution of the saint. This guy didn't fell down until the very last of his rides (hands down to him).

I gave up figuring out how to get up with those skis on. I too fell down innumerable times but my process was little more longer but less painful. Take my advice always take off your skis and then get your foothold.

Lets get to the fun part. The glide down the hill, skis on the foot, chill on your face, and inevitable fall. All bring part of excitement!! I kept falling down and all 'in deep shit' sense by end of the hill. But when I looked up again, that steep simply pulled me back to it's cliff. Kept doing it every time saying 'one very last time' :P

I hate snow.. i love skiing .. skiing entails snow.. so I cannot hate snow anymore!! but fact remains I LOVE SKIING!!

... date and venue - Feb 28th, Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, IN

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what do you do when?

1. Body pushes you to sleep, but for you who keeps sayin 'no i 've no reasons to sleep yet'

2. Education pushes you to run-in-the-mill, but for you who keeps saying 'no i've reasons not to be part of herd'

3. Job pushes you to an oblivion, but for you who keeps saying 'no i've reasons to cry out loud'

4. People push you to themselves, but for you who keeps saying 'no i can never ever reason with you'

5. Life pushes you to live-it-out, but for you who keeps saying 'no i m still finding reasons'