Saturday, September 13, 2008

The sane world...

As i was watching Forrest Gump and was asked by roommates whats this about .. i tried to sum this up ..

"how only an insane (with his jenny) could survive through sanity of the world around" ...

How he made it past - the shackles of polio, schools of sane, college of brights, Vietnam war (by and for the sane world), Hurricane Carmen and Shrimping venture...

How he could only be in trust with few -
Mrs. Gump (because she did let the stupid do as stupid does),
Jenny (because she didn't believe there is anyone who could be trusted.. not even herself),
Bubba (because he had no dream but to dream about shrimp),
Lt. Dan (because he could not understand if the Forrest was curse or the blessing to him)

What Forrest never understood -
"Who I'm gonna be? ... Aren't I going to be me?"

How Forrest sums it up -
"Now, because I had been a football
star, and a war hero, and a national
celebrity, and a shrimpin' boat
captain, and a college graduate, the
of fathers of Greenbow, Alabama,
decided to get together and offered me a fine job"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Re:Hey! whos this?

nope it doesn't exactly work as that... this feature is only available for users in US and for some odd reason it was enabled for me and now it is not.. but still i m able to access to that for i had sent link to one of the albums to my friend on that day... so click on that link and all those features are there for ME :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey! whos this?

Remember those old albums sittings with your friends answering them who is this and who is that?? and answers use to be ... well thats my mom and yeah thats my cousin sister .. :)

So gone are the old days of rolls and prints and so are the ways to communicate. So here is the application from google Picasa Web Album. I am sure you must have used it ...

Ask it to process all your photos and there you have it, it has recognized all the faces in all the photos for you. So now your only work remains is to take that face and name it! And what next, well it is mostly able to sort all the similar faces but on the places it is confused - it simply asks you to name it. Well out of some 700 faces i saw they 699 were actually faces of people except for one which it could not recognize well. So its 1:699 buggy :)

So there you have it, all the people in all the photos right at your finger tips. And of course the Google tries to associate each name with ur contacts available with google and we have these faces identified with friends, family and colleagues in Orkut or Gtalk or Gmail ... man just like that!!

Beware of those faces you may wonder who are they??? ... well those are petty by standers or hawker or a beggar roaming at remote corners of your photo.

Another thing, i am not sure if it can recognize animal faces yet. But yeah try that out.. may be it might just :)

In my case i m almost done with my current set of photos and have named each and every person i could find. So with that, whenever i go to a my album i have list of people recognized alongside the album ....

Another thing ... this is addictive. The UI and interface is so snazzy that you may just keep naming all of them without realizing how lost at time you are ...

So what are you waiting for ... go to ""