Monday, March 17, 2008

My Mother's Day

thats my mother's day.. thats when i celebrate ... thats when we all celebrate... but thats when no one but my mother remembers how beautiful the day was (don' t you mom?? or was it night mom?? ). Well yes 9 months of awaiting and i m finally here ( I ... I!! oh please u wouldn't have the slightest conscious of that then... ) ..ok lets just say "baby is finally here" . She has the end to all 9 months of labor.. 9 months of irregular sleeps .. 9 months of irregular hunger.. man must not my mom be so anxious to see me :) ( again ?? ) yeah yeah .. anxious to see her baby!!! ... her baby!!! who will only get the food she gives, milk she gives, conciousness she initiates, wisdom she imparts, nature she nurtures, morals she shines with( ... and what have u given her??? ) well joy of I, me and myself being there... ( oh please !!! hope the world could see the embarrassment in ur face while writing this...) ... ya ya i know... there is nothing besides me and my self built conscious that i have given my mom .... i have been celebrating my birthday as if marking a great had set foot on this world that day... i have been accepting those gifts as if they were ofcourse meant for me ... i 've been cutting those cakes and blowing those candles for i could never understand it wasn't I who arrived but it was She who delivered!!! ( yeah remember the baby on his birth is without an 'I').. yup i do :). So has this 'I' been always selfish... ( hmmmm... you decide!! ;) ) well many times yes... but i love my mom and i have never shown anything which might have indicated otherwise ( .. indicated otherwise?? oh what have u done to show it not so otherwise) well ... here it is then ... next birthday onwards... i will be all there up @12midnight(13th feb..) wishing my mom "Happy Mother's Day" ... because that is ur mother's day and that is why its been this special life for me since.... ( wish one from me too...)