Wednesday, April 29, 2009

its 51


yes i have unintentionally completed my 50 blogs in some 12 months!

Qasab's Case - Legislation vs. Incrimination

So shouldn't we allow him all he needs so that he stays in healthy state of mind to be able to defend his case, if any. Or we should simply implicate him for his grave nature of crime and intention. The legislation of India offers him all liberties and rights to rightly defend his case but should people of India allow such rights to a foreigner who terrorized us.

Whatever be it, I see a failed Indian System which is showing it's inability and indecisiveness in moving ahead with Qasab's case. Why is it that each and every legislative procedure is proving to be a bottleneck and headache to the judiciary system? Why is it so hard for the people of this land to understand the law of it's own land? Why are we so scared of a 'bound to be a failed' Incrimination process for Qasab? Why do we actually fear Qasab will be let lose? Is it that we want a public execution of Qasab, if yes who shall do this - Military?

Indian state as often than more is praised for this state, for we have as system where everyone and anyone can Question! And so has this case of Qasab come in to question on many grounds. This is exactly reason behind piling of huge number of unresolved cases in our Judiciary. It,Judiciary, has failed to understand that there has to be certain degree of authoritarianism to every law that has been laid down by people of land.

I think I should stop here, owing to my ignorance about Judiciary and fundamentals behind it. I need to learn lot more before I can actually write on ideal system that should be in place... and nor am I concluding -- cauz I m feeling sleepy!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bothers me...

a large group of people who abandon their individuality in favor of an intoxicating collective symbol

Source - India’s New Face
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I liked - the Quote

Its not ok..

It never has been i guess. It wasn't ok to do what you feel like doing @ 18. It wasn't ok to do what you felt like doing @ 23 and it isn't ok to do what you feeling like right now. It is ok only if you live by standards and aspirations set by us. It is ok only if you learn and get educated by text set by us. It is ok to do what you feel most uncomfortable in, in comforts set by us. There is no I here but we. Hard but true fact (well fact is by definition A Truth)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

its not the war of left vs right...

its as simple as keeping our home clean! Why has the words like Global Warming or Earth Day came into being as points of egoistical debate? Why does it have to be war of words rather than joint effort? Why is both the side in search for extensive scientific data to prove/unprove its effects? Why does it have to be trendy to go green or agnostic to 'not to go green'?

I have been reading lots of debates on whether the Global Warming is or is not Human Induced Phenomenon, Could it not just be the mother nature who is playing its own games with us? It's been doing so for million of years. So this increase in the global temperature could be part of another unknown schema.

So coming back to what I was saying before. The whole effort, as I see it, is towards upraising the conscience of every human being in this planet on it's duty towards our Home. To conserve, recycle and produce is inherit to human nature for 1000s of years. If this hasn't been we would have perished - the great Ice Age, Greater Plagues, Famines - far before we had come to this luxury of being able to debate.

So for all industrialist out there, yes it is our right to innovate and produce but then it is our responsibility to take care of resources which we use to produce these items. These resources are not granted to us by higher providence and nor are we to give it away to anything.

And for all green trendy people out there, no no no it is not about the latest trend in Milan to Go Green .Switching off lights for an hour cannot square you off your urbane profligate lifestyles.

What we are doing is building yet another neo-intellectualism surrounding the cause to support/not-support Green. Some believe that the environmentalist are hurting the intrinsic human nature to be industrialist and the other side is believing the industrialist are in their usual 'self-profit-making-interest' at cost of environment. Why is it so difficult to understand who is the loser here, it is all residents of our Earth and not the industrialist or environmentalist or the 'trend-setters'. There is nothing cool in being Organic or Going Green or having Zero Carbon footprints (all trendy words to bring about such a simple cause) and there is no great achievement in producing light off the earth/air/water and also there is absolutely no point in grounding all the flights in the world to reduce the carbon emissions.

Now, if we start taking off the layers of such intellectualism and think "straight" we know what we need to do. We don't want our fans to be switched on when we leave the room, we don't want to take a car to near grocery store every time, we don't want to switch on AC in a weather of just 35 Degree Centigrade, we keep our Cars well tuned and PUC certified, we don't want 4 Cars for 4 members of family, we don't want to waste the grocery because it has expired since I last bought it even though i don't use it that often, we don't want our Children to sit home all day staring Idiot Boxes, we don't want to waste any drop of water that come our way from the heavens, we don't want to be exorbitant in using water for daily ablutions, we don't want to spend away beautiful evenings in Air conditioned malls, we don't want to shopkeepers to hand each item we bought in separate plastic bag etc etc etc

So to conclude, we are not running a democracy here to vote in the best strategy to keep our home clean and hospitable. We are just keeping it clean... i don't see any right-left on this!