Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End : Why I never liked this place

all these thoughts cauz i bumped into photos from an alumni party guys and few gals had from our batch of 1999 ... I wondered - i could only recognize a very few of them! who are others??!! i m not even able to recognize those names ! link

all said and done ... one of the few good things that happened to me was a friend indeed! always there in fun!

The End.

Grand scheme!!

yeah it falls in place.

It's by design.
There's no cause.
There's all effects.
There's me.
There's you.
There's he.
There's she.
There's it.
There's burning globes of gases.
There's blue planet.
There's sound waves.
There's light.
There's gravity.
There's centrifugal.
There's EMF.
There's strings.
There's breath taken in.
There's breath taken out.
There's me again!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Part 3 : Why I never liked this place

contd from .. PTO to day before

So coming to those pranksters, noise makers and irksomeones! damn i hated that guy who used to poke (saala har jagah ungli karta tha) .. i had ticklish stomach so what ... given a chance i would file an abuse case on him now! Then few greyhounds always kept our teacher's on toes.. so much so .. one algebra ma'am actually broke down trying to explain the most irrelevant difference between 'x' and '.' ... I couldn't believe my eyes!! I remember a geometry class which usually had figures on blackboard except for one day the figure put up there was of err.. u know wat .. (8p) . Oh then came the social service camps, those mandatory ones! The SSC were mandated for 10th std in Maharashtra. For this we were sent to Aurangabad, Maharashtra. We wondered, of all the places we are sent to land of Ajanta and Ellora. oh! those rock carvings and our leaking hormones .. damn people went crazy with stories!! All this was topped up by separate boys and girls doubts solving session in the evening. I wonder how many doubts were actually solved that evening. Do not know about girls but guys came out weirdest of instances and Qs.. i remember seeing the instructor's face going OMG! :D. That same camp had plans to show a Jackie Chan movie other day. We all have grown up seeing those movies, but this one turned out to be too much for our grown ups cauz it started with a smooch and whole plan was abandoned right there! damn!! our face went OMG!! grown ups plz plz grow up!!

Then this event that totally is totally frozen in my mind. The song 'Aati kya khandala' was echoed all the places those days and some how a girl student from another school heard it from one of the boys from our school. Well it was St. Xavier's Group Of Schools that had gone for this SSC. Anyways, this girl went crying to our beloved (i hated her though) Ms. Pinto and then the most distressful scene followed. Crying Ms. Pinto, All boys cramped into single room for scrutiny, and leather belt smacking teacher. We weren't frightened because we didn't do anything wrong, but hard leather belt smacker made sure he picked one punching bag among us and he smacked until the boy broke down. Broke down not for the guilt but the pain. I still see that day as worst act of abuse in schools. I wasn't learned enough to lodge a complaint against that teacher, otherwise I would have!!!

...PTO day after

Monday, August 31, 2009

Aamsutra .. Aam admi ka kya?

had to post this in middle of my self indulgent iSchool series :)

Further great comics @ -

Part 2 : Why I never liked this place..

contd from .. PTO to day before..

Daily routine started with class-teacher doing those attendance calls. Except for the part, i trying to comprehend the noise everything else went about smoothly. It's like a toofaan right in middle of perfect stillness. All there right there in my mind. This lead to me taking least interest on what was ever being taught! I guess I could manage all by myself, given the couple of tuitions, mom's smacks and excellent brain that I had :p. All this lead me, to believe in being street smart and so I knew what to do .. i took interest in Karate and Scouts.. damn! the day I stood up to volunteer for Scouts.. the whole class ROTFLing.. :) and then the Karate .. it sounded too well and for me it just ended being that! .. try pushing out a loudest snort through ur nostrils and there it is all I know about Karate!. I used to like very few subjects and I know which I hated most. It was HINDI! .. and till date when m associated of being the loyal son of HindiLand, i can only smirk at response. I hated it, could never master it and could never take it seriously, for this is my mother tongue and I needn't bother studying it until a day before. About the subjects i liked .. so it turned out that teachers for those subjects were also cool.. maths and science always brought up interesting and cool teachers in our school. Ms. Marwah for Geometry and Ms. Pallavi for science :) or Mr. Venkatesh (all those names sound d same to me) for Algebra .. i remember them ! ... apart from them it was Mr. Joseph for english, who just acted cool along with dumbest person of all PT trainers Mr.Nilesh! Rest came and went and had me only concerned when I had to fill those school notebooks for submission. Know how it used to be, each and every notebook of each and every student of each and every division of each and every class stamped and signed by Principal!! at end of each term. So this lead to hasty copy-paste of history, geography, Hindi, Marathi and English.. well for the Science and Maths i do not remember ever going thru this .. in my defense it was our incomplete curriculum by our incompetent Masternis that lead to all this chaos. Anyways, i didn't care! from what i have learnt (or rather not learnt) history and geography could never be taught. One exception to that now, geography does have some sense if our imbecile minds were made to read it with sense, i remember learning that from one of our geography teacher! she made sense of tundra regions and habitat surrounding that :). Another part of school curriculum i hated was Moral Science. Damn those art work, those oil paints, those ..those ..those hand works with needles and stuff. I used to like painting until i was schooled.

... PTO day after .. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Part 1 : Why I never liked this place

Its the place, where everyone goes back to, nostalgically, in fond remembrance. The gates, the bells, the morning assembly, the teachers, the intervals, the vada paos,the PT, the Karate, the Scouts, the Nuisance, the mis-behaviours etc. I do not like to remember any of them now. My school had gates which opened to an over-flowing gutters when it rained, making it really hard to enter. My school bells used to ring up just before i crossed those gates. Next was the chaotic assemblage of some 700-800 students, instructed by Discipline-In-Chargers (another name for Dogs-in-Charge), hostile teachers, and one Principle ! (i do not remember his name now, we used to call him Bull Dog). Once I reached assembly just after the morning news was read, that's when it struck me that it was I, who was suppose to do that today! Then of-course since you are late and lived just 100mts from School, you had to hear all the bullshits which far offs never had to. I hated that part! how does it matter if u lived so close or so far.. its this school which starts so early in day (6.30am) and all this because it needed same class-rooms for lower grades in afternoon. When you are past the assembly, then cleanliness checkers come in(that AB style won't do.. tat Baby needs to cut her nails lil more short). Most of the time I was stuck here too, cauz my hairs won't stop growing and I hated sitting at barbers'. I remember once, it was my Mom-Dad who did my hairs for sake I pass through those eyes. I had this charisma of AB in me ;) liked to keep those hairs pulled straight back ..but that lead the onlooker to believe that u have the extra long hairs and that wasn't allowed! and so my Mom insisted I keep them parted at one end.. anyways that helped me past the eyes many times until the day I was liberated from that place.. i've never ever thought of getting back to that style now !

... PTO day after .. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

ले.. लो ..

ले लो बस ले लो। बस यही सुन ने को मिलता है आज कल, इतना तक कि मैंने अपने मम्मी का नाम लेलो रख दियाहै अभी। मजा आता है अब, जभ भी मम्मी बोले .. अचार लेलो ..थोडी रोटी लेलो .. जरा और चावल लेलो .. दूध लेलो .. बादाम लेलो .. लड्डू लेलो .. मैं मम्मी को 'लेलो लेलो' कर के चिढाता हु। लेकिन यह सब से न मम्मी का 'लेलो लेलो' रुका है .. न मेरा पेट भड़ना .. बस अब एक ही होप रह गई है .. भागो यहाँ से :) !! एक और बात हुई .. मम्मी कि मेहनत रंग लायी। रोज रोज सर कि चम्पी ने , सही में मेरे बालो कि हालत काफ़ी मस्त कर दी है :) यहाँ तक कि, नए बाल दिख रहे है !! तोह अभी मम्मी को रोज बोलता हूँ .. 'आपकी मेहनत बाल लायी' ..

W@ke up S!d ...

.. definitely looking forward to this. But only if they (the Yash rajs and Yash Chopras) keep away the stereotyped notions. No foreign locations, no promotional hip song, no gay jokes, no disco number, no item (either he or she) numbers, no great looking character beyond the demand of the character.. just keep it raw.. just let the sid wake up ! !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reached their climax way before 'The End' ...

Delhi~6 and now Kaminey .. both the movies reached their 'The End' even before the 2nd half started. None had any more to suggest post the Intermission. Both these movies failed in keeping away the sense of 'déjà vu' .. been there seen that - gimme something new .. they ended up like a failed attempt to master all the characterizations and 'short bios', not that कि these characterizations and actors/actresses playing those bios were ever below entertaining and fun (except for AB baby who was the only let down in Delhi~6). Neither could give a satisfactory climax to the foreplay. Anyways, both the movies had distinct art-work of respective directors and sounded equally well throughout (with Kaminey's retro and classy appeal setting your boots thumping, sometimes ticklish feeling of nostalgia works, but that's only when Music plays.. ). I just hope that these are just fore plays to a movie (from any one of them) that would just have it all ... one single masterpiece ...

reviews for both these movies that made parallel sense to me -




Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh no! My name's Khan ..

and oh ho!! my next movie's also 'My Name is Khan'.. damn! now they will accuse me of doing all this for my next movie ... well no harm in playing a stunt (even if its aint the planned one)

- how much ever I like SRK for his shrewd outspokenness and agility.. sometime he does overdo it ... in this case the fate has helped him overdo it yet again ...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

know why i hate this place...

cauz i never found this as home ... cauz i never realized, people here aren't on vacation always... cauz i never thought people are just people who enjoyed as much as i did and sulk worse than i do ... cauz i m not able to comprehend many and much of the dialect here (dialect: my def. The usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people that leaves you dry for seedhi baat) .. cauz the ghosts take over my precious M&D and that is probably so because they have lived through this place as home and not the summer vacationing resort.. cauz they just have altogether different story to take each other on .. cauz i always thought that these people are definitely special ones to laugh about but not to cry and fight about .. cauz they are just too many faces to comprehend and remember when on a trip back from last vacationing .. cauz the people who helped me vacation do not do so any more .. or may be cauz i still like to see change in positive direction rather than the other way .. वाह मेरी hypocrisy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

India's Got Talent...

definitely! .. but do they really need to fight over it?

Why every show in India is designed to 'make hay only when sun shines'? Why cannot be there a consistent platform for such artists to shine? Why can be there no time limit to performance one boasts to deliver? Why do those have to beg for votes from us who beg to have such entertainment every night? Why do we need those judges' assertion to feel good or bad about someone's performance? Why doesn't Shekhar Kapur use his time making and building movies/talent elsewhere?

.. may its just the way we are with such Talent

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food and Beer @ Mangalore

Fish Curry Rice @ Narayana's - The absolute case of climax and anti-climax in span of few hours... starts with C coming home Saturday noon tryin hard to fix his last night's hangover, (i mostly wouldn't have joined his last night boozing) and would have just woken up from last night's gupsup or movies ... and ofcourse we both are hungry .. and so we start off picking up any stray roomies (S,P or/& J) who haven't munched anything else yet ... it's my car to Narayana's (it's old dock road behind erstwhile Taj Manjuran which by the way is renamed to 'The Gateway')... the place is packed and its definitely very small to accommodate to many in queue already... so u need to pick up those places where u know the guy is licking his fingers for almost last time .. (knowin tat comes with practice) ... well by now we are completely drained out given our empty stomach and hangovers to some :).. the finger licking sucker gets up and we sit down (anyplace u get .. u r not here for family formal lunch.. u r here to eat tat fish) ... so now finally v await our food .. the rice thaali with curry and pickle arrives almost instantly ..making us instantly start craving for our Anjal ... thoda bahut mu maarna shuru kar diya .. bhuk bhi toh lagi hai and then after waiting till eternity those sizzling fishes arrive .. we used to chose Anjal anytime (many reasons for that .. far lesser messy.. very filling.. and tastes really good with that hot masala over it) ... this thing is hot and so you start pocking your fingers almost instantly .. caring least about the burnt fingers... so we start filling ourselves up .. the rice .. the curry... the pickle.. the Anjal .. the red masala... all moulded in to 1 and into the mouth instantly ... (cautionary note - All hands here) .. the fish is delicious and so is the curry .. and after an hour long endeavor we are through and filled to the brim ... after this heavy meal (plateful of boiled rice and 2 Anjals).. the space-time dimensions stretch out... every meter and minute feels stretched to respective higher cousins... if comin over every step was a milestone .. then while goin back every step feels snailstone... all this and time is 2 already.. and time is for real afternoon sleep.. so you see its like this .. u prepare.. u drive.. u arrive.. u conquer .. u eat.. and then u fill urself.. and then u start retreating as fast as u can.. u take tat last bite.. u get up .. wash ur hands.. pay up the bill .. move out... pick a smoke ... put it off before its even half way thru .. u get into car.. u take those damn turns.. and u get down at ur place.. u go up the lift .. u open the door.. u let loose ur belt and u fall off that bed .. THE END

p.s. i need to do a special mention here .. the place was also introduced to me by Mr. D :)

Sizzlers @ Ranch - i do not know why .. but this place gave me sizzling hot vegetables and sauces as delicious as sizzling hot ghar ka khaana ... this place became ritual with Mr A .. absolute gentleman contrast to my C :) ... the guy is strict veggie and used to love this place almost or may be more than i did.. the place serves you Satellite, Shashlik, Italiano, Baked Beans etc. of which the Satellite, served with a disc shaped cutlet and melting cheese over-it, was the superstar .. followed by my personal favourite Baked Beans and Italiano... the place is just behind the Mangalore Corporation building and is absolutely packed with ppl and beauties :) and Infoscions as well :(

p.s. another special mention.. this place was introduced by me to almost everyone else.. besides those which introduced it to me i.e. Mr J and Ms. R :)

Draught @ Froth on Top - if it wasn't for this place i wouldn't be drinking beer right now and neither would have i have such fun at such place in mangalore... the place is straight from retro and cartoons sketched in its inner wall... and it serves only Beer! ... introduced for first time by ma D and later made life by C, G and B ... the songs are pure ol' time american country music .. a lil zing added nowadays though.. and you enjoy! .. the beer .. the atmosphere ... is definitely good!! and its just next to Diesel Cafe

Wine and Continental @ Diesel Cafe - the place got my fancy in my initial days... the place .. the music.. the sitting.. the wine and the of-course the divine and sinful Chocolate Mousse ... the place is just next to FOT :p

Some Like It Hot @ Cherry Square - woh nahi try kiya toh kya kiya .. the place definitely served best of such even against the more popular Sizzler's Ranch ... the name's definitely makes u pick that up :) ... and the browni and vanilla ice-cream over hot plate marred by hot hot chocolate... man that definitely is awesome... and this place is well not exactly next to Diesel Cafe but surely next to it :)

Gadbad/Tiramisu @ Ideals - the hot favorite among the Mangaloreans, but i find them best thing to have if u haven't had ur lunch or dinner :) .. but definitely a place to visit in Mangalore.. go in afternoon and you will find all the aunties out to do the marketting cooling off there .. and then in the evening will be the Mangalore's rich and poor out there pumping in there scoop.. .for location ask any Mangalorean!!

Choco Cake @ Temptation - The only place which dares itself past midnight in Mangalore and that's why we the 602+904 used to end up there, almost everyday ... the frequency died down with the number of 602+904 but the place remains there for its Choco Cake... the chocolate ice cream and choco cake with nuts and sizzling chocolate sauce.. amazing! ..

Vodka and Prawns @ Village - Mr K had come over and we went out to try famous mangalorean sea food.. i knew this place to be good and really good given its village-like ambiance along side the lengthy water fall... we seated just next to it and ordered our first dish of Prawns and along with that citrus twist with Sprite.. we ordered 2 plates.. and single prawn piece filled up the entire plate! .. wat a dish and then 2nd and 3rd time was just the repeat :D

Fish and Beer @ Gazalee - any place u get nice food + the ambience + the beer .. its this place... Specifically sea-food restaurant and the view is pan Mangalorean along the highway and into the city ... open air and open mouthed waiters (ignore them) .. C and I used to be there when we ran out of mood for afore mentioned places.

Punjabi Dhaba @ KS Rao Road - this is another place where 602+904 started having our initial dinners in Mangalore and this is the place i had my dinner just a night before i left ... the place is pure veggie and if you ask me .. The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Mangalore.. be the daal makhani.. paneer butter masaala.. the classic tomato soup .. or gobhi ka paratha... all is just mouth wateringly delicious here... and besides the AC room of this place is guarded by a big glass sheet on the traffic end.. so the moving traffic gives u nostalgia of Mumbai Restaurants .. I m glad i finished off my Mangalore outing :p at this Place

Signature @ Haveli 305 - Mr. D, J, M, R, A & H all the residents (/proxy residents) of this Haveli had single brand in mind that is Signature and so will this be my brand for years to come :D ... the place has ceased to exist the way it used to be... so location is of least importance ... well the same place has also hosted Black Dogs, Red Labels etc. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

long pending thoughts ...

Its been for almost a month now. Like the thoughts have come and gone and just that the tangible words haven't met them on my blog :) ... so will start blogging afresh but before that just a round trip through each of those random thoughts -

Mangalore Monsoons
The thunders and showers, what a amazing way to arrive. Since there's been a lengthy good-bye to them, there has to be welcome note as well and so had wanted to post this ... but i guess i m too far away from the place,weather and time (sitting in desert doesn't help much) to put down the welcome message.

Mangala STP
This was my office a week before. It was named so. Smallest of all Infy Mega Structures. However, the place was full of life .. well crowded spaces simmers such seemingly ... with TT and Pool tables in hall ways ... Badminton court cum Volley Ball court on the way to food court. The serenest (:p) place to say was my Swimming Pool to which i lay - not bare totally :) - any time i could.. All this is memory from past (may be a year or so) as things have changed quite a lot now with TT tables moved to recreational block and Swimming Pool being host to Water Polo crowd most of the time :( ..

They Let me go
yes just like that.. fill those feedback forms and put that ID card down and then you are free as that free bird which had once come down here to Mangalore... its sad but an honest way of letting one go... definitely

UP-78 P 8498
Mangalore Traffic police are IMHO sedated with dose of honest pills .. cauz they never ever questioned more than 1000kms wheelin all through Mangalore roads in UP-78 Maruti 800. May be they knew this 9yrs old model has had enough Mumbai cops trouble already :p ... well know the car is in new land called Gujarat to test crude eyes of hawaldars here in Mehsana

Mangalore Food & Beer
... i think i can dedicate one full page to this one... wil spare myself here

Special Mentions
Dr. Devdas Shenoy - the Malaria specialist who cured more than half of my roommates
Jasani Tiffin Service - the Gujju tiffin specialist who let us live through the Great Mangalore Riots
Nilgiris - a supermarket so very close to home and heart (cauz it served my stomach) and sometimes with very nice music playin the place was grazing ground for ppl like me
Sulthan Battery - another so to say watch tower.. a very small one .. over the creek... the place was getaway of sorts .. and also let u get into small ferry to tanirbavi beach across the creek..
Ideals @ Infy - there's been papaya, orange, banana, chiku shakes/juices most of the time and then there's been Chocolate shake almost all the time :) ... well the chocolate at any place can be good but at this place it was GOO..OD
CCD @ Infy - The regular coffee joint for us .. power coffee joint for power houses of Infosys Mangalore. Anycase, this place was special to me for my coffee and coffee mates :)

and that brings me to end of something from very immediate past... i guess had many more but once for all .. those shall - RIP

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

thought for today ...

early morning breakfast ... coupons at counter and straight at the chai stop with my coupon .. and then i realize i have broken the queue without realizing it !! and then embarrassingly i go back to await my turn !! and following words come to my mind -
Ignorance is key to fake attitude ...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steps to filing RTI

RTI - Right To Information

Simple steps -

Step 1. Research on your grievances. The more information you have gathered on the topic (formally or informally) the stronger you can make your case. Also it may be possible that your research itself would convince you that there is no need to file and RTI.

Step 2: Draft the RTI: Although you can file the RTI via email, please avoid it. The best way to get the ball rolling in an government office is have things in writing. RTI can be filed on a simple piece of A4 paper in any language (Hindi, english or the regional language). It can be hand written also.

Step 3: Locate the Public Information Officer/PIO. As per law, all government organizations need to have a designated Information officer who would be responsible to handle your RTI. If the department website does not have it, ask someone in the office. If you are still not able to locate him/her you can write to the head of the department.

Step 4: Pay the nominal fees of 10/-. Most departments prefer if you pay via a Postal Order/Demand Draft, however cash is also accepted. Based on the effort required in compiling the response, some additional fees might be charged to you later on, but its nominal.

Step 5: Submit the application
a. In person. Just walk into the office and file it in person. Usually there is hardly any waiting queue and the process should not take long.
b. Speed/registered post: Avoid Couriers because its not recognized by GoI.
c. Electronically: Although it is permitted, there is often a problem in sending the fees etc via this mode.

Step 6: Acknowledgement:
This is the most crucial step. All RTI applications have to be answered in 30 days. Hence please preserve the application number and date of filing.

courtesy - http://enagar.com/2009/06/25/steps-to-file-an-rti/

am I still dreaming ...

.. I still do not know what are the real world realities... I still do not know that the books do not speak the real world... I still do not know why credit, more than merit, proves higher worth ... I still do not know why Modi was the choice of 300+ seats in Guj elections 2003... I still do not know why many still approve of silent religious sectionalizing across India ( i witness this in Mangalore right now) ... I still do not know what made IPL the flavor above the Elections this season ... I still do not know why Kashmir should be ours or theirs ... I still do not know why many think Bush made right choices, if not for America, but for India! ... I still do not know why should we be scared of Obama ... I still do not know why Climate Scare Mongering is what is needed to make person aware of his home ... I still do not know why MJ choose to be MJ that died last thursday ... I still do not know MTV is MTV no more ...
just a last one for now :p...I still do not know why any one would want to marry Rakhi!

to list is aplenty .. the confused soul is 1 ...

'Let me Speak'

... to think of it again ... hope you do not read too much in to this self indulgent words...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

An erstwhile community in Orkut..

HINDI ( हिन्दी ) (18 members)

मैने सोचा क्यों ना एक हिन्दी की कमिटी ऑरकुट में हो.. तभी पाता किया बाराहा.कॉम का.. डॉन्लोड करो यह सोफ़्तवॅर ऍडं गर्व मह्सूस करो हिन्दी होने का । मैं समझता हूं की हिन्दी या देवनागरी ही एक भाशा है जिसका आधार ना की कोई रटने वाली वणमाला है पर एक सोची समझे अध्यनों द्वारा विक्सित की गयी प्रणाली है । अगर आप ध्यान से परखें तो आप जानें गे की हिन्दी की वणमाला का पेहला अक्छर 'क' आप की गले की भीतर से निकलता है और वणमाला का आख्ररी अक्छर 'ह' होटों से हवा छोङने पर निकलता है । इसी तरह बीच के सभी अक्छर हमारी स्वर निकालने की शमता पे आधारित है । इस से ज्यादा खोज यार मेरे बस की शायद बात नाही है.. क्यों शायद यह हुनर आप में है ;) मैने इतनी महनत कभी अंग्रेजी लिखने में कभी नही की .. पर अंग्रेजी में पले बङे हम हिन्दी के लिये शायद यही सही है.. go to http://www.baraha.com/.. if u r not getting above fonts go to above site & believe me an effort wont go waste.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i Matrix...

its been almost 10 years since the first one came out.. it hasn't stopped impressing me since, not even after watching for umpteen times. What has impressed me all this time? the action sequences the very first time.. the enigma the next time... the quotes the third time ... the idea ... the analogy ... the performances ... the etc! ...

Friday, May 22, 2009

i Annoy...

..i definitely feel so... It's always been this way... I stay quite ... I look good... and then I speak ... I annoy ... or do i?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Learnt ...

How odd that it never struck me that beneath this unctuous ghee of compassion might lurk a supreme arrogance: for quietly I had believed I was superior, just for being able to feel all these things, just for being able to ask all those questions. It occurred to me that the kind of cushioning life had provided me- which gave me the freedom to think the way I did and live the way I'd lived - was itself a grand privilege very few could avail themselves of. At the same time, I had never wanted to put my superior cognizance to the test by actually doing something, either for myself, or for the poor souls who excited my compassion. Real work was for others, the poor toiling masses. I was the spiritual aristocrat, by virtue of my superior sensibility. With hindsight, I found it laughable that I prided myself on my sense of empathy, claiming to abjure privilege of any sort, when in actual fact I was just being bone lazy. And most likely, afraid as well. Afraid to test the mettle of my alleged superiority.

The miseries and misfortunes of other people can be overwhelming. They can make one feel like giving up, like lying down and letting things drift unto death. But suddenly a terrible fear has gripped me. All my theories have turned to dung. I don't want to be submerged in common mire. I want to be different. I'll say it now. I want to be special. I want to be happy...

- picked up from - Radiance of Ashes

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Waltz With Bashir

An animated movie that blew me away. I understand this already is quite a popular film with just a lone lose at Oscar's (2009).

A film is about the Israeli filmmaker's (Ari Folman) attempt at gathering lost war-memories. Through the movie, which is about the Israeli offensive in Lebanon, the foot soldiers, the innocent civilians and a lone journalist narrate the events/nightmares/dreams/songs/'boy holding an RPG' back to him and he is just able to recollect one, which no one comprehends to.

How amazing is our mind to be able to wane out the memories that trouble us, just to keep us sane, just to keep us alive. It rubbishes the poignant details and replaces them with the milder vanities. And just when you see your life had no such scars, it's the other side of conscience which starts rubbing them all over again. This is what movie is about to the director and least it is about war.

Coming to animation part. Outstanding and amazing. I remember childhood animated series such ,as Jonny Quest, used to amaze me with the details detailing each and every lineament muscles of character. This movie along with brilliant back ground graphics and narration, gets added to one of the precious films I treasure.

I have greater tendency to liking a film on its poignant score, but this one surely scores way above in other departments .. narration/animation/music/intention ..

p.s. I watched it in DVD which had no subtitles ( film is in Hebrew ! ) and therefore I downloaded one from net and linked it to my film using VLC player ( i did that for first time and I am excited about it :D)

Friday, May 1, 2009

i Scribbble

i drink
i eat
i coke
i enjoy
i blog
i work
i work hard
i work hardest
i party
i party harder
i roadie
i worship
i meditate
i love
i hate
i earn
i spend
i travel
i quibble
i frustrated
i need change
i hope
WE DON'T vote

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

its 51


yes i have unintentionally completed my 50 blogs in some 12 months!

Qasab's Case - Legislation vs. Incrimination

So shouldn't we allow him all he needs so that he stays in healthy state of mind to be able to defend his case, if any. Or we should simply implicate him for his grave nature of crime and intention. The legislation of India offers him all liberties and rights to rightly defend his case but should people of India allow such rights to a foreigner who terrorized us.

Whatever be it, I see a failed Indian System which is showing it's inability and indecisiveness in moving ahead with Qasab's case. Why is it that each and every legislative procedure is proving to be a bottleneck and headache to the judiciary system? Why is it so hard for the people of this land to understand the law of it's own land? Why are we so scared of a 'bound to be a failed' Incrimination process for Qasab? Why do we actually fear Qasab will be let lose? Is it that we want a public execution of Qasab, if yes who shall do this - Military?

Indian state as often than more is praised for this state, for we have as system where everyone and anyone can Question! And so has this case of Qasab come in to question on many grounds. This is exactly reason behind piling of huge number of unresolved cases in our Judiciary. It,Judiciary, has failed to understand that there has to be certain degree of authoritarianism to every law that has been laid down by people of land.

I think I should stop here, owing to my ignorance about Judiciary and fundamentals behind it. I need to learn lot more before I can actually write on ideal system that should be in place... and nor am I concluding -- cauz I m feeling sleepy!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bothers me...

a large group of people who abandon their individuality in favor of an intoxicating collective symbol

Source - India’s New Face
Genre - Understanding Chaos Understanding India
I liked - the Quote

Its not ok..

It never has been i guess. It wasn't ok to do what you feel like doing @ 18. It wasn't ok to do what you felt like doing @ 23 and it isn't ok to do what you feeling like right now. It is ok only if you live by standards and aspirations set by us. It is ok only if you learn and get educated by text set by us. It is ok to do what you feel most uncomfortable in, in comforts set by us. There is no I here but we. Hard but true fact (well fact is by definition A Truth)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

its not the war of left vs right...

its as simple as keeping our home clean! Why has the words like Global Warming or Earth Day came into being as points of egoistical debate? Why does it have to be war of words rather than joint effort? Why is both the side in search for extensive scientific data to prove/unprove its effects? Why does it have to be trendy to go green or agnostic to 'not to go green'?

I have been reading lots of debates on whether the Global Warming is or is not Human Induced Phenomenon, Could it not just be the mother nature who is playing its own games with us? It's been doing so for million of years. So this increase in the global temperature could be part of another unknown schema.

So coming back to what I was saying before. The whole effort, as I see it, is towards upraising the conscience of every human being in this planet on it's duty towards our Home. To conserve, recycle and produce is inherit to human nature for 1000s of years. If this hasn't been we would have perished - the great Ice Age, Greater Plagues, Famines - far before we had come to this luxury of being able to debate.

So for all industrialist out there, yes it is our right to innovate and produce but then it is our responsibility to take care of resources which we use to produce these items. These resources are not granted to us by higher providence and nor are we to give it away to anything.

And for all green trendy people out there, no no no it is not about the latest trend in Milan to Go Green .Switching off lights for an hour cannot square you off your urbane profligate lifestyles.

What we are doing is building yet another neo-intellectualism surrounding the cause to support/not-support Green. Some believe that the environmentalist are hurting the intrinsic human nature to be industrialist and the other side is believing the industrialist are in their usual 'self-profit-making-interest' at cost of environment. Why is it so difficult to understand who is the loser here, it is all residents of our Earth and not the industrialist or environmentalist or the 'trend-setters'. There is nothing cool in being Organic or Going Green or having Zero Carbon footprints (all trendy words to bring about such a simple cause) and there is no great achievement in producing light off the earth/air/water and also there is absolutely no point in grounding all the flights in the world to reduce the carbon emissions.

Now, if we start taking off the layers of such intellectualism and think "straight" we know what we need to do. We don't want our fans to be switched on when we leave the room, we don't want to take a car to near grocery store every time, we don't want to switch on AC in a weather of just 35 Degree Centigrade, we keep our Cars well tuned and PUC certified, we don't want 4 Cars for 4 members of family, we don't want to waste the grocery because it has expired since I last bought it even though i don't use it that often, we don't want our Children to sit home all day staring Idiot Boxes, we don't want to waste any drop of water that come our way from the heavens, we don't want to be exorbitant in using water for daily ablutions, we don't want to spend away beautiful evenings in Air conditioned malls, we don't want to shopkeepers to hand each item we bought in separate plastic bag etc etc etc

So to conclude, we are not running a democracy here to vote in the best strategy to keep our home clean and hospitable. We are just keeping it clean... i don't see any right-left on this!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Reposting and re-affirming and requesting ...

blogbharati linked me to "My Life": Kashmiri Woman Speaks Out today and I couldn't help but go back to this - Kashmir's Burning - link in my blog ... what links them? - Crowning glory, once which was the Jammu and Kashmir, be lifted from the head of India and be left alone for its own people - the pundits and mullahs - the dal lake and katra - the Kashmiri and the Kashmiri ... that's it!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Frankie...

a beautiful movie after really long time. Watching this I m turning fan for Brit movies. The language, the accent, the poise... the circumstances and the conflicts and not so perfect solutions... the mother talks to his Son through the letters meant from/to his dad (who's a sailor) ... the son so yearns to meet his dad that he keeps track of the sail across oceans (in a world atlas in his room)... a stranger who accepts to be part of a deal to be son's dad for a day leaves in sheer amazement of this relationship
(i have been lying to my son every single day) "..(no) you have been protecting your son every single day"
.. and then the dying Father's last wish to see his son against the ma's last shield to her son... loved the movie and highly recommend it even - here's the IMDB link

Monday, February 16, 2009

USA will turn into FUSA ("F" is for "Former")...

so is this dream state really gonna last -

points stated are fair and simple. The repercussions are baneful. Simile picked is very recent. But i still feel there is a difference... a democracy will survive the ill effects of its leaders' hubris which soviet union succumbed to...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another great initiative rolling on...

... you wouldn't believe the words of the gentleman who has started this. Mc'Donalds got him thinking - "why not us?"

"See McDonalds concept is simple, they feel they can train people irrespective of different religions, cultures, all those things to produce a product in the same way and deliver it in the same manner in hundreds of places" 
if things have to be driven at macro level u have to think of strategies at the same level.
Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy

check out, some facts from the video below...
1)12 Million blinds in India - Aravind Hospitals treat close to 2 million of them every year...
2)National Eye care surgery avg. 250 - Aravind Hospitals docs avg is 2000 surgery...
3)A cost of Intracular Lens (a substitute to Cataract lens) brought down from $200 to $5...

The video -

I hit upon this in following link - "http://ngopost.org/story.php?title=Journey_across_India_-_Tata_Jagriti_Yatra"

Saturday, January 31, 2009

and the other side of the picture...

and we have the other end to it .... check the video here

wanna go Skiing in DUBAI!?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dubai in dumps..

every city has its problems and so does Dubai seem to have a really big one...
read here

Monday, January 19, 2009

vir meryaa ve jugni....

vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa...
ek raah nawe aaj pandi hain...

...Background speech by A B Vajpayee...

Jugni dekhan chali desh....
Jide janmay si kadi ved...
jidon kadyaa si angrez...
Ki banyaa usdaa....
Ki banyaa usdaa haal....
kede kite usne kamaal... 

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
ek raah nawe aaj pandi hain..

...Agressive speech about killing in Kashmir by someone

Jugni jaa wadi kashmir ....
jithe roz maran das vee..
soni behnaa te sone veer..
oooo ro ro poochna..
ke jaghda tayi mukhnna...
jedo jhelum paani sukhnaa

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
ek neer nawe aaj behndi hain..

...A punjabi news item....in background

jugni jaa wadi punjab....
jithe padhe likhe bekaar...
bech zameenaa jaawen baahar...
uthe maaran jaadho....
uthe gori lain vewha..
peeche tabar take raah..

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
ek nayi udhari lendi aa....

...Background....a talk between match fixers..about satta..

Jugni jaa wadi bambai..
jithe sonda koi nahi...
sab labban cheez koi ....
kis kise noooo labbe...
jeno labbe woh bechain....
mathe matke uske pain...???

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
ek sah safar daa lendi aa....

...News item in background

jugni jaa wadi aaj dilli,,,,
uthe bheed ch ral ki bhuli..
kitho aayi teh kithe chali...
sab basar gaya...
jeddon aaya usno cheta...
taaki mukhea thaa usdaa belaaa....

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
aaj naam guraa daan lehendi aa.......

---Background...AB Vajpayee speech....

beautiful song... long time wanted the lyrics... 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

here's modest thank you...

here is Jimmy Wales speaking ...

how brilliant is the initiative and how amazing is the will ... and all this with the help of 23 strong team and million contributors worldwide...

Thursday, January 8, 2009



science and study of "trying hard to be happy people"...

so here u see how difficult it is sometimes when u force some one to be happy... so do u say Cheer Up!! ... how true the article is when it says
.. that defensive pessimism is a strategy that helps anxious individuals to confront and work through their anxious thoughts rather than deny them.
so next time you need to swear at yourself for not doing the job right.. do it! do not wait for the smiling angle to bother... cauz then u shall realize its you who sets your standard for being happy rather than some god sent angel ... get your work done ... get the results... believe in yourself and you(or rather I) shall be happy...

and to find out if u (or rather I) are the one who cannot be happy (or rather keep that ever smiling grimace) while trying to get your work done... check the link to find out link to find out if you are Defensive Pessimist... or Strategic optimist

well it turns out I "..may use both strategies or neither strategy consistently"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whole lot of stuff in Just a Hole In The Wall...

check the project's truly humble beginning -

how difficult it has been for our education system and society to understand ... its the curiosity which best teaches the kid... its the curiosity to look at possible direction as a baby... its the curiosity to jump at every possible sound ... its the curiosity to touch every dirt around... its the curiosity which makes the baby take it's first steps... man i know now .. when I stopped learning :'( ... कहते है ना "Education ruined me"... well it hasn't been the ruins still ...
so what am i curious about now ???
1. Information Sharing?
2. Deep Space exploration?
3. what sustains life?
4. whom does the life sustain?
5. faith.. yeah ... who is He.. naah... may be ... who is "he/she" who thought of He for the first time?
6. dance and music... is He the one?
7. why are we here .. hahaha.. naah ... why not no one on Mars yet?
8. when Einstein said Space Time wrap!... what did he mean?
9. when my former manager said ... "we don't see the flair"... wat did she mean?
10. when someone said... nothing... what did she mean? :(
11. when someone ... communicated on missed calls every day... what did she mean? :S
12. ok ... seriously... what is Evolution? and what are we gonna look like nxt?
13. all this digital information? are our future paleontologist and historians gonna be master code breaker... trying to figure out archive digital information.
14. can i still be a Masters from USA and be back in India :) ?
15. does hoping that "all's gonna be all right" work?
16. I guess I will add more... but later though

and well this the reason why I like NIIT and it's brand ambassador (Vishy) ... dono ko :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coffee suppresses dreams...

is that so?? loosing dreams over a coffee is a bad news.

Isn't it enough that I already have lost it over my job, finances, credit card bills in $$$, admissions, colleges, appraisals, headaches, cold, fever, exams, certifications, future plans, current plans, past plans, transcripts, recommendations, letter heads, infy HR's HRgiris, 3 tier packs, scornful someone, ailing USA, traumatic 26/11, bleeding Gaza, Pakis, Masters, information management, IE, wats an ethical dilemma, ppls exception handling, suckers, truckers, Christmas lunch, mosquitoes, hara nauseating bhara coil, khud ka khaana, wedding in kerala, R n R, japanese with chopsticks, ....

the list ain't long enough to fill the box... but aint this bad already?

Friday, January 2, 2009

You really think so ...

I am not here to give the comparative figures on how much govt has spent on poverty eradication till date and how much the same has gone for the space programs here. Nor am i gonna take any policy decision on our poverty eradicators and critique that... the point i am making is why??

Why would you question the amount spent on space programs arguing that something thrown away in space vacuum which we not gonna see the material results for?

... nor am i gonna glorify our space mission to have achieved with so little in hand...

poverty is relative but hunger is not... so when some person dies of hunger we know we have problem at hand... similarly strong space program is relative but a launch of Chandrayaan is not... so when we have a Chandrayaan I in stable orbit around the moon we have a amazing success at hand...

This success is accumulation of the years hard work, planning and minor successes... money is just a small part... govt didn't spend enough money to buy a space technology from Russia and have our yaan sent across for the sake of Indian flag on Chandra. If that flag is up there it is because the these scientists at ISRO had the mettle and determination to do that. It is in true sense symbolic of success these guys have had over the years and please don't spoil the glory...

few good links -