Monday, March 12, 2012


It has been a journey. A year long. It took one small night. I wrote that worthy email. And next i find standing worthy with her. There is a space we share with each other. There is a bigger space we share with others who made it our journey so special. This is dedicated to my better half and then to everyone around us.

Today I bought name on web for us. This piece of ownership is worthless. Nor it is part of investment planning I should take up. However, it is special. It is an intent. It is a start.

Brand games

After long time I found myself stuck with me and current issues. Only current issue which is visible enough to me is Lokpal, of course. So I was watching debate between Karan Thapar and Arvind Kejriwal. I have seen Karan before and his attitude wasn’t any surprise and neither was Arvind's. The issues pertaining to Janlokpal movement among the thinkers is plain. Hunger strike is suicidal and therefore a blackmail. The faith in democracy parliament should be restored. And thus Arvind spoke, he has lost any lasting hope and he doesn’t think public is willing to put anymore either. I think he defended pretty it well as to what he thinks is required of democracy parliament as to maintain that faith. Gave well established facts, both affecting general public and him personally. Nothing has really helped.

However, Karan Thapar didn't buy or his devil tells him that he can not. So to keep the brand of Karan Thapar alive he kept asking same question again and again. So came the thought - why does every one to be playing a brand games.

The news readers are establishing their own, interviewers their own, panelist their own, every person on facebook their own. The living and making money satisfaction comes with sticking with your brand of philosophy. Agnostic, spiritual, atheist, nationalist, opportunist, religious, introvertist, extrovertist, questioner, answerer, back bencher, front runner, and each one of us put carry them around with varying weight-age and thus building our claim to being living individual.

Just a thought.

Living a dream...

Rahul has lived his dream and he thinks it's time to move on
are the words of his wife Vijeeta. Living the dream is fantastic. Made me go into my own reverie of living a dream.. err.. wait .. what is my dream??? :( :(

The sub-conscience being able to acknowledge the idea is a beautiful feeling and brings you to the blog editor. And then you almost sense to lose the idea. As if you never had it.

So, what happens if you live a dream?

Will find out.