Monday, August 30, 2010

"Go for It" karne ka ya nahi?

friend#1: Thnx tujhe kya lagta hai??profsn or no profssn
Hehehe..y is dt srprising? gud ppl arnd probb.siliye
10:53 PM friend#2: as in profession should turn into passion or should it be other way round? .. u askin that?
friend#1: othr way round
Passin in2 profession
friend#2: i dont kno man .. i nvr had any :(
10:54 PM i thought i did.. pan
friend#1: Ya..dts d deal wit every1..probb nvea gave enuff thot of it
friend#2: i 've been more a digressed al the time
friend#1: we 4 had met aftr i wrote dis all had smthns dat dey neva gave enuff thot on it
10:55 PM Digressd bole tho??
friend#2: no but even if something was "in likin" tat is totally not the passion
10:56 PM digress as in .... u kno never clear on wat i wanted.. been moving with the tide..
friend#1: Hmm...age is catchin up buddy.
10:57 PM friend#2: dude ...
age se kya matlab man?
friend#1: Hain bhai...u wnt work towards ur likin wit respo nd cmtmnts on ur head
friend#2: arre chhod be... abhi tak kaunsa kar rahe the
10:58 PM friend#1: followin passion is a low income thing.atleast in d ebgnn
friend#2: with any resp and commtmnts wagarah
oh u r not exactly talkin about "us kinds" ... toh theek hai
10:59 PM friend#1: Exacto.ab tak nahi the,baadmein aayenge
friend#2: yea .. followin ur passion .. i.e. u 've come to realize "this is it man" .. yea its definitely a struggle struggle struggle
friend#1: Yup
11:00 PM friend#2: then u dont lose sights i.e. digress nd all ... u dont see distractions... i dont really think u see money even or family even
its totally different ball game
friend#1: So.i presume its a no frm ur end too....
friend#2: no for ?
11:01 PM as in if i ve found a passion?
friend#1: No.dt u rather nt make it a profssin
friend#2: y not man ...
friend#1: I duno.thot u wer cmnin to dat
friend#2: u dont see .. once u see it .. i.e. ur passion right in front of u ..
u make it ur profession..
11:02 PM otherwise its not ur passion
or u 've not found one
r u passionate about something?
11:03 PM passion follow karo nahi toh usko hobby kehlao :P
friend#1: dts wt s d strings attachd to it..once u do dat,der r lotsa probs wit it
11:05 PM friend#2: i dont kno .. my point was ... its passion only when u work towards it.. otherwise its not a passion
11:08 PM friend#1: Ya..dts true..sxaclyy wt mah frend sed
friend#2: so u see... so u take up the profession of ur passion or else... maaf hai tera passion :P
friend#1: If u r passionate.ud be gud at it..u work hard.nd ud make it well
11:09 PM friend#2: yea
friend#1: No,..passion maaf tho nahi..jst fulfil nahi hua..
11:10 PM friend#2: nahi maaf ho gaya ...
friend#1: Naa...its abt luck nd opportunity too
11:11 PM friend#2: soch na ... we only see ppl who were passionate... those who werent we dont (unless they were killed by something/someone/someplace else)
friend#1: Oh!!...nice line..
Bt still..disagree
11:13 PM friend#2: hmm true.. but then u wont regret it ... i m guessin if u regret it .. it wasn really ur passion ... (now m talkin entirely takin out judgemental standards of society)
11:14 PM u r talkin from ur phone is it? should u be going to office already???
11:17 PM friend#1: In d bus
friend#2: kk thot so
friend#1: Jdgmntal stds of
friend#2: yep :)
11:18 PM friend#1: Dts d frst thin dt u need to dump
11:19 PM friend#2: yeah ... but then its all easy isnt it ..
friend#1: It wt u feel like karneka
11:20 PM friend#2: my point is .. all those guys .. includin the gazal singers.. r noticeable cauz they passionate about their work :P
11:22 PM friend#1: den,is he happpy??.is dt wer he wntd to be?

5 minutes
11:27 PM friend#2: yea tat u have to ask him .. :D
u didn right?
big assumption
11:28 PM :P
friend#1: Ya ya..big one!!
11:31 PM friend#2: :) ... anyways i would say ... "go for it !!" anytime .. if its ur passion u ll be happy (detached from all the standards put up by society n u n me n our best friends n ur moms n ur dads n ur idol whoever)

Friday, August 27, 2010

being a Kashmiri..

i wonder how it is?

loved apart.. cared apart.. life apart.. adored apart.. killed apart.. refuged apart in your own home .. torn apart ..

they have come out on streets now... they have come out sans AKs now .. they have come out crying now .. they have come out for no help .. no refuge .. no protection .. no jobs .. no U!

wonder how it is?

few links and excerpts -
“I just stand on the street and call out for Azaadi,” says Rafiqa at the night procession in Rambagh. “And people join in.” Even at 1 a.m., more women, accompanied by infants, join the march to chant slogans.
“Things seemed to be much worse during the years of militancy.” His reply was a revelation, like the lifting of several veils all at once: “Each time things get better,” he said, “The mind forgets how bad they can get.”
the key point to recognise in approaching the Kashmir issue is that in this era of post-nationalism, it is possible to preserve the distinct Kashmiri cultural identity in an autonomous political framework that is not at odds with the idea of it being part of a larger Indian Union
Kashmiriyat is a proud assertion of a unique Kashmiri cultural identity that is unabashedly pluralist in its moorings, inclusive in its orientation that embraces both Muslims and Pandits. It is as far removed from the hard-line Islamists who seek to hijack this sentiment and turn it into a movement for self-determination, as it is from the Hindu nationalists who demand Kashmir's complete integration with the Indian Union

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


9am got up
10 am reached office
12 pm had my lunch
2pm took a small nap
5pm left office

i m tired !! i m so tired that even typing is most difficult job right now ! :(

i have absolutely no clue why!!!???

Monday, August 23, 2010

being immortal ...

is about being mortal 1000 times over :) ... and rest of us just keep on role playing over and over again ...

that is what caught fancy of me in this movie. Only if they hadn't kept the ending stereotypical!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

You said it ...

“What makes you think human beings are sentient and aware? There’s no evidence for it. Human beings never think for themselves, they find it too uncomfortable. For the most part, members of our species simply repeat what they are told—and become upset if they are exposed to any different view. The characteristic human trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is religious warfare. Other animals fight for territory or food; but, uniquely in the animal kingdom, human beings fight for their ‘beliefs.’ The reason is that beliefs guide behavior, which has evolutionary importance among human beings. But at a time when our behavior may well lead us to extinction, I see no reason to assume we have any awareness at all. We are stubborn, self-destructive conformists. Any other view of our species is just a self-congratulatory delusion. Next question.”

who said it - Malcolm's character in the book "The Lost World" Michael Crichton

where did I pick it up from -

Saturday, August 14, 2010

being an Indian ...

I have wondered.. discussed.. thought .. as in what exactly is being Indian. The chaps living on the other end of Indus river ! ? I have built my affinity to being an Indian on many grounds .. set of common prejudices .. common weaknesses.. common incapabilities.. common jugaad ideas ... common ancestors... and one big one being common raj!! ... how we have been so brought together by those folks!! Hardly we would 've recognized each other if it weren't for them ...

So the point being I witness these Facebook videos on being an Indian .. the Great Indian Zero and Chip inventors of India etc etc... I feel sense of nothing anymore.. I just don't do ! ... its as if the whole idea of being Indian is just a farce .. how can common Bollywood or cricket or Bombay stock exchange or Nehru or Gandhi or IIT or IIM be the only elements of resultant kinship.. and the only other thing that binds us is religion and its people... so am I encompassing all the essentials building blocks of the nation state of being Indian .. or is there more to it? Why I feel like writing about it? Why does goose bumps don't feel genuine anymore? Why do I feel almost nauseated when I feel those goose bumps ...

I know why... cauz I have been doing absolutely nothing about those goose bumps! .. its like that feeling which has made you feel nice time and again .. only now you are just so sick of its vanity!! :(

few posts that I have been bumping into and have bumped into or have keyed in myself - all adding to farcity ...

Update 1 -