Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End : Why I never liked this place

all these thoughts cauz i bumped into photos from an alumni party guys and few gals had from our batch of 1999 ... I wondered - i could only recognize a very few of them! who are others??!! i m not even able to recognize those names ! link

all said and done ... one of the few good things that happened to me was a friend indeed! always there in fun!

The End.

Grand scheme!!

yeah it falls in place.

It's by design.
There's no cause.
There's all effects.
There's me.
There's you.
There's he.
There's she.
There's it.
There's burning globes of gases.
There's blue planet.
There's sound waves.
There's light.
There's gravity.
There's centrifugal.
There's EMF.
There's strings.
There's breath taken in.
There's breath taken out.
There's me again!!