Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Frankie...

a beautiful movie after really long time. Watching this I m turning fan for Brit movies. The language, the accent, the poise... the circumstances and the conflicts and not so perfect solutions... the mother talks to his Son through the letters meant from/to his dad (who's a sailor) ... the son so yearns to meet his dad that he keeps track of the sail across oceans (in a world atlas in his room)... a stranger who accepts to be part of a deal to be son's dad for a day leaves in sheer amazement of this relationship
(i have been lying to my son every single day) "..(no) you have been protecting your son every single day"
.. and then the dying Father's last wish to see his son against the ma's last shield to her son... loved the movie and highly recommend it even - here's the IMDB link
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