Saturday, August 8, 2009

know why i hate this place...

cauz i never found this as home ... cauz i never realized, people here aren't on vacation always... cauz i never thought people are just people who enjoyed as much as i did and sulk worse than i do ... cauz i m not able to comprehend many and much of the dialect here (dialect: my def. The usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people that leaves you dry for seedhi baat) .. cauz the ghosts take over my precious M&D and that is probably so because they have lived through this place as home and not the summer vacationing resort.. cauz they just have altogether different story to take each other on .. cauz i always thought that these people are definitely special ones to laugh about but not to cry and fight about .. cauz they are just too many faces to comprehend and remember when on a trip back from last vacationing .. cauz the people who helped me vacation do not do so any more .. or may be cauz i still like to see change in positive direction rather than the other way .. वाह मेरी hypocrisy!
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