Sunday, January 10, 2010

5 vs 3

I don't get it. Why is he crying?

AK for some weird reason acts "vocal" Chaplin. SJ does what he does least best. MD is again wasted. BI overdoes it for very first time. The jokes are pale - starting with Astronaut pens.

What followed first? AK Preaching or the Preaching script?? I wonder!

What followed next? Vacuum pump driven suction pipe, web-camera driven delivery, car batteries driven virus-inverter. Go figure!!

May be one should go back to following movie for more subtle preaching! 'In which Annie gives those ones'. (due credits to Mr. D for introducing me to that movie)

So Chetan Bhagat should essentially be happy that his 5 point someone still remains the original awe-some piece which hasn't been still put on silver screen yet!!

and if he thinks it is ... 5 point some one ka balatkaar ho gaya!!
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