Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phantoms in the Brain - V.S. Ramachandran

There is something that makes me feel very nice about a self discovery .. Mangalore, Bharat Mall  - entered a book store and bunch of books on discounts .. set eyes upon on "Phantoms in the Brain" - Probing the mysteries of human mind ... thats about it took for me to put this book up on Shelfari's 've to read list .. had lost track of it until very recently and felt absolutely in love with the author's little simple harmless funny experiments with special brains .. brains which are still struggling with the ghost of the past... and so here today I was so very glad to find his name among - Time's 100 most influential person 2011.

What made me even more glad is his words on Darwin ...
Most of us think of Darwin as someone who discovered mechanism of evolution .. natural selection. But in fact he did it in amazing array of experiments and thinking about so many issues in parallel. He has written whole book on barnacles, entire book on earthworms, entire book on insectivorous plants. There is something about simplicity and elegance of his experiments and at the same time from simple observations he drew great and deep insights.. yes from very simple observations. His ideas and his books and his experiments have etched themselves permanently in my mind and influenced my mental development enormously.

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