Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Mangalore it rains only on weekends...

true! (seriously kasam se!) the weather is great all through the week asking you to come and have a go at it... starts with that downpour drops of buckets size... no u don't venture out then .. unless ofcourse u would are wishing for really awesome bath under waterfall.. but nope.. i need to get ready for the day.. and its gonna be long one i know... well thats how difficult it is to get up in mornings here... alright i m in office .. passing through that passage way ...u wonder where's the rain ... and then u wonder its leafs shining away sun's rays... oh thats beautiful... well lets get that morning nivaala or i m gonna faint... i hog it down and in minutes i m at my desk. The work is no wonderous as the weather out there (thats something i like about new place, remotely though but i do no hows weather out there) ... well the time is for lunch and the sun is shining at its noon best... again that corridor is the best place to walk by admiring (even if it just nothing compared to anywhere else... but i like that place in my whole office best) .. and i walk in to Food Court.. tellin everyone "look its sun shine... it was raining cows and buffalos in the morning... :)" ... well we start adoring mangalore weather and places one could go, have gone and haven't gone!! ... hmmm :( ... thats the closest we are to planning any thing nowadays... well the lunch is over and back at my place again... imagin this ... unlock ur computer.. check ur mail.. umph! nothing... check the public folders... make them Read... go to next folder... make all those mails Read... oh there is alert coming up ... " oops! another Dart reminder" ... alright some work.. scrolling.. hel wats the guy has written... oh no i have to continue coding from where he has left... be partner in his crap writing and deliver as my own ... great!!... i scroll up ... scroll down again... nothing worth much mentioning further... the coffee time is soon to arrive and .. yes the phone rings.. oh lets go out .. coffee time.. now as i get down ... i m waiting to walk throught to that passage ... and i arrive... its drizzling yet again.. drizzle u want to drizzle in :)... oh cool! .. oh no nots so fast ... works calling... lets get that kick and get out of here... oh now some work... the work surely speeds up after a coffee.. no wonder CCD (not the n/w guys) makes it to every Infosys office... the work is done and u realize hey! FC time.. 5pm and no one has called in yet... i will call !! and again thru that isle (yeah kind a small green island in middle of vast monstrous sea of concrete) ... and rains beginning to get harder now... far corners u find people smoking fumes out.. kinda looks cool looking through that downpour i would say... but yeah no tobacco!! bad for health!! ... and the time passes with the nostalgia sesssion (because the domain of discussion many a times shifts to "when v were young" nowadays) ... thats the last i see of that green patch in my office for the day and as i prepare to leave for day i hope... sincerely hope sometimes... it rains hard so that i have a good reason to soak myself... because i m then not running towards office but strolling towards home... wonder why drenching urself is so awesome sometimes... its wet hair ... drops dribbling down ur nose, ear lobes... u wiping it off to have them come back again... well i pack and leave ... swipe out ... and :~( there is no rain... oh well... today or rather any other day is just not ur day.... and then u want ur weekends to come... and they arrive and .. and ... it just rains whole day and night... there is no stopping... only to make my weekends also lugubrious .. because i m sitting on my bed and writing this rather than have great time out there!!!
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