Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Pilgrimage..

how else do you describe the journey back home and back? i have found the word. Now, i am not very sure what would it mean ... journey you take up for needed ablutions or the journey taken up to keep the faith alive or to keep one self alive or just to sink into the collective faith everyone's observing. Coming to the point, where does one believe - lies there faith ... is it the Balaji (not the telefilms), Shirdi, Vaishno Devi or Mecca ?? Lets give one thought to what is faith now... Loyalty or allegiance to cause or thing... so does that mean your cause or thing always should lie divine to you.. well may be or may be not...

Lets come to my case - my complete faith as i have come to understand lies in Me, myself and my parents... or should i rejig this ... Parents, myself and at last me. So where does that put me? am I special case to treat them like this? No, i guess not. Everyone does, so why am i pushing so hard? well to start i might not have any other faith to believe in. So, could that be because i m not able to think of one?

I am not sure. I might be a pure antagonist. If you ask me to put my faith on any of the current world prudish Gods or Men, i wouldn't find any or may i wouldn't find one. I see imperfections and the most able perfections in all. I hate or rather don't believe in casting one idol for myself. So where does, lie my faith? One may say that the faith is all or faith is none. There is no middle ground. So where should i put my bet?

Well don't know, but for the time being its all on them.
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