Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jinhe Naaz Hai

Rabbi Shergill and his new song "jinhe naaz hai hind par" brought up at a talk show on NDTV इंडिया Salaam Zindagi ... now if u have listened to this song carefully (which ofcourse i hadn't, and then wondering y exactly they are playin this on news channel?) .. there are 4 names Bilquis Rasul , Satyendra Dubey, Manjunath and Navleen Kumar.If you ask me, i have heard about Mr.Dubey because he was one of the engineers part of Golden quadrilateral and was killed ... but rest? nope i haven't heard and i wasn't even sure why was Satyendra Dubey killed... so for my ignorance of all the names mentioned above and the song (making a launch on Independence Day week)... i get a complete shock when NDTV had a show on the song (oh man what is this doing here???) oh k so its not another Independence Day song !! :(:( ...

So lets start with it ..

Bilqis Yakoob Rasool -
Gujarat riots victim - among many who couldn't get the justice ...

Satyendra Dubey -
The whistle blower blown away ...

Manjunath Shanmughan-
IOC manager shot dead because he tried to stop selling of adulterated petrol ...

Navleen Kumar -
Trying to save the land of Adivasis... Martyred

All 4 who have gone into silence because they chose to stand against injustice and corruption. Many online petitions are doing there rounds but thats all i guess they are able to manage. Hope to keep this on my blog to spread the word further (if any one's listening!!!!)
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