Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life's a game of tetris

... isn't it?

i was just wondering at the folks who are able to oversimplify their life. How are they able to do it? How will you manage the work, the play, the responsibilities and the love at one time. I guess they simply don't do these many tasks, they do just one - live life and keep fixing the pieces at right places.

With every new challenge thrown in, it's adjusted and fitted in like its part of life itself. Now the smarter the person is, smarter he/she to be able to fix it in. And whoosh! yet another layer of trouble (if u prefer call this a trouble) disappears right under your skin.

Needless to say, similarly how the game of tetris is played- if u don't know the rules. Every Pentomino is turned and fitted in the absolutely right place. Better you are able to judge the correct position for the coming pentomino, better you are able to foresee the event and swifter you are ... easier is the game managed.

As in the game you have limits on number of times you can rotate (and the degree you may rotate each time) before you run out of time. Also there are always set category of shapes (only thing is that the count is big here), so may be preplanning on how exactly am i to handle the shape would be good. Similarly the complexity plane is of little higher order - the game is 3-d now. Time on y axis and the x-z plane is where we fit the shapes.

So if the shapes (Pentominos) coming your way are just too complicated ... you may say Life is unfair ... :)

Here's you can play the game (the stripped down the most original tetris) - http://www.tetrisgames4all.com/game.php?spel=Tetris&game=20

ps. By smarter i never meant the person who is the whizkid. By smarter i guess i mean the person who simply thinks straight.
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