Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bye Bye Monsoons...

zigzagged lightning patters over the dark sky visible from a 6th floor balcony of my Mangalore apartments... no better sight to have a laptop right ahead and start writing. The thunders have died down and so has the rains. The only spectacle remains is the blazes flashing around every 2 second or so. This is the retreating monsoons of southern India.
First thing they are not the threatening streaks of lightning which would rip apart anything downunder. They are simply sprawling across the 2 dimensional sky and are absolutely beautiful!! They are the left overs of the thunderous storm that just passed by and i am just enjoying the farewell, watching the absolute white streaks saying "sayonara". This is how wonderful the mangalore weather and this is why I would never cease to love the place.
It had all started last Thursday afternoon. The heat had over powered us. So was the fate of the studies i m still bound to. With my balcony facing westwards, I could see almost clear horizon at the distance with tiny flashes of saline water reaching my naked eye. It was pretty sight as it meant the monsoons clouds will no more block the beautiful sunsets. But alas, the winds starts gathering some speed and so does the the black clouds over the northeast sky. The baneful clouds with the silver linings were approaching slowly and dreadfully.
In no time, the clouds had taken over the Mangalore sky with little hope of any clear sky and clear horizons. The day was the last day of the navratri festivals or to say the dusshera. What better occassion to celebrate the festival with cool winds buzzing through.
This is the time of the year mangalore streets witnesses the rally. The rally of the dancing tigers, ruthless rakshashaas, swirling fire balls and pompous lights. All this while, the folks and devouts carry there idols for visarjans. The processions are beautiful and extravagant (pretty much for the city which sleeps at 10).
Only thing which is marred in the whole affair is the street traffic which ofcourse was the last in the planning list for the city cooperation babus. This is what reminds me the date that day was ofcourse 9th Oct. Greater details on the significance of this day later though.
Well the time is - to put off laptop and go to sleep for i need to ofcourse go work every morning. Good bye Monsoons... hope to see you soon!! :)
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