Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vande Secularists!!!

Sadhvi pragya and new face of Hindu fundamentalist turned terrorist raises yet another vertical bar on which our current society stands today... of course societies used to stand on the pillars of education, governance,tolerance,law and order,culture etc etc...

So, I have an idea to give a right balance to this current order by bringing up Secular Terrorists. They are no one but those who has no God behind. May be they are atheist but most importantly they are the ones who hate those who kill those belonging to other side of the line.

So this is the way i m trying to create a balance in power where all the terrorists groups (Muslims, Hindus, Secularists, why not Christians, Sikhs, Zoros, Hebrew etc and yeah Buddhists .. they too have suffered enough on hands of Malaysian Junta or Chinese Imperialists) have there way in society, politics, and of course education. And, so we have all these groups trying to bring in right order by killing all those who don't believe in them or those who have brought in woes of despair, humiliation, atrocities to them.

i can go on writing what should be the ideologies, agenda, action plan etc etc if the new face of Secularists, but i shall restrain myself in over indulgence of hate plain drafting... bye
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