Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Celebration and Gay

yeah man thats what is being celebrated all the places now. Dostana is doing it funny way, Fashion did it "casting couch" way, Bobby darling is doing it her/his own way, ... for rest of us lets celebrate, the non-sayable is out and thats rocking now.. all of the sudden gay/lesbianism is celebration of human love for all... :)

on serious note one movie which actually handled the topic diligently was My brother Nikhil ... wanna celebrate gay Indian istlyle check that movie ... u will know how uncelebrated it can become then... and then there are hell lot from across seas... started course on Philadelphia might just get you started .. :)

so help our Maa get over the fret "maa da munda bigad gaya.."

p.s. I have strong premonition that the flood gates are gonna open soon.. and we won't need Madhur Bhandarkar to show the realities of the glamour world :)
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