Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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how difficult it has been for our education system and society to understand ... its the curiosity which best teaches the kid... its the curiosity to look at possible direction as a baby... its the curiosity to jump at every possible sound ... its the curiosity to touch every dirt around... its the curiosity which makes the baby take it's first steps... man i know now .. when I stopped learning :'( ... कहते है ना "Education ruined me"... well it hasn't been the ruins still ...
so what am i curious about now ???
1. Information Sharing?
2. Deep Space exploration?
3. what sustains life?
4. whom does the life sustain?
5. faith.. yeah ... who is He.. naah... may be ... who is "he/she" who thought of He for the first time?
6. dance and music... is He the one?
7. why are we here .. hahaha.. naah ... why not no one on Mars yet?
8. when Einstein said Space Time wrap!... what did he mean?
9. when my former manager said ... "we don't see the flair"... wat did she mean?
10. when someone said... nothing... what did she mean? :(
11. when someone ... communicated on missed calls every day... what did she mean? :S
12. ok ... seriously... what is Evolution? and what are we gonna look like nxt?
13. all this digital information? are our future paleontologist and historians gonna be master code breaker... trying to figure out archive digital information.
14. can i still be a Masters from USA and be back in India :) ?
15. does hoping that "all's gonna be all right" work?
16. I guess I will add more... but later though

and well this the reason why I like NIIT and it's brand ambassador (Vishy) ... dono ko :)
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