Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another down...

I am not sure how should i be feeling about this. Though the friendship is to the bare minimum and joviality is to bare professionalism... but yes we have been around for almost all my professional life here. And this guy's also leaving. This sudden depression of sorts may just be cauz i m not the person who is leaving and rest others are, but there is same realization .. 'yet another down'... or rather up, up and away... whatever be the case its difficult ... its difficult to lose the old folks .. its difficult to know .. u r the ones who is old among fresh ones... and its difficult to believe 'i am actually getting so fidgety about the whole deal'. Sort of same old feeling the stretch of which is kinda directly proportional to stretch of time you had been with the person. May be i will get over this.. may be this will go under the carpet... may be it would simply vanish... may i might simply fly out ... but today i had to write about it!!!

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