Monday, December 22, 2008

God kaun hai?

क्या हर एक अच्छा आदमी भगवान् बन जाता है ? तोह शायद महात्मा गांधी भी कोई तोह भगवान् बने होंगे, कौन से?

this was my innocent definition of God. I believed in him. I chanted for him. I loved him. I cried for him when in need. I loved the sweets offered on his name. I revered him. I guess all this because I found this more tangible than trying to understand eternity nature of Him. So the years passed by trying to look smarter and but failing to be one and in the process forgetting the question. And one particular day i wondered again, well where's/who's he then? And that is when I was reminded of the above Question yet again... so i guess search is on....
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