Monday, August 30, 2010

"Go for It" karne ka ya nahi?

friend#1: Thnx tujhe kya lagta hai??profsn or no profssn
Hehehe..y is dt srprising? gud ppl arnd probb.siliye
10:53 PM friend#2: as in profession should turn into passion or should it be other way round? .. u askin that?
friend#1: othr way round
Passin in2 profession
friend#2: i dont kno man .. i nvr had any :(
10:54 PM i thought i did.. pan
friend#1: Ya..dts d deal wit every1..probb nvea gave enuff thot of it
friend#2: i 've been more a digressed al the time
friend#1: we 4 had met aftr i wrote dis all had smthns dat dey neva gave enuff thot on it
10:55 PM Digressd bole tho??
friend#2: no but even if something was "in likin" tat is totally not the passion
10:56 PM digress as in .... u kno never clear on wat i wanted.. been moving with the tide..
friend#1: Hmm...age is catchin up buddy.
10:57 PM friend#2: dude ...
age se kya matlab man?
friend#1: Hain bhai...u wnt work towards ur likin wit respo nd cmtmnts on ur head
friend#2: arre chhod be... abhi tak kaunsa kar rahe the
10:58 PM friend#1: followin passion is a low income thing.atleast in d ebgnn
friend#2: with any resp and commtmnts wagarah
oh u r not exactly talkin about "us kinds" ... toh theek hai
10:59 PM friend#1: Exacto.ab tak nahi the,baadmein aayenge
friend#2: yea .. followin ur passion .. i.e. u 've come to realize "this is it man" .. yea its definitely a struggle struggle struggle
friend#1: Yup
11:00 PM friend#2: then u dont lose sights i.e. digress nd all ... u dont see distractions... i dont really think u see money even or family even
its totally different ball game
friend#1: So.i presume its a no frm ur end too....
friend#2: no for ?
11:01 PM as in if i ve found a passion?
friend#1: No.dt u rather nt make it a profssin
friend#2: y not man ...
friend#1: I duno.thot u wer cmnin to dat
friend#2: u dont see .. once u see it .. i.e. ur passion right in front of u ..
u make it ur profession..
11:02 PM otherwise its not ur passion
or u 've not found one
r u passionate about something?
11:03 PM passion follow karo nahi toh usko hobby kehlao :P
friend#1: dts wt s d strings attachd to it..once u do dat,der r lotsa probs wit it
11:05 PM friend#2: i dont kno .. my point was ... its passion only when u work towards it.. otherwise its not a passion
11:08 PM friend#1: Ya..dts true..sxaclyy wt mah frend sed
friend#2: so u see... so u take up the profession of ur passion or else... maaf hai tera passion :P
friend#1: If u r passionate.ud be gud at it..u work hard.nd ud make it well
11:09 PM friend#2: yea
friend#1: No,..passion maaf tho nahi..jst fulfil nahi hua..
11:10 PM friend#2: nahi maaf ho gaya ...
friend#1: Naa...its abt luck nd opportunity too
11:11 PM friend#2: soch na ... we only see ppl who were passionate... those who werent we dont (unless they were killed by something/someone/someplace else)
friend#1: Oh!!...nice line..
Bt still..disagree
11:13 PM friend#2: hmm true.. but then u wont regret it ... i m guessin if u regret it .. it wasn really ur passion ... (now m talkin entirely takin out judgemental standards of society)
11:14 PM u r talkin from ur phone is it? should u be going to office already???
11:17 PM friend#1: In d bus
friend#2: kk thot so
friend#1: Jdgmntal stds of
friend#2: yep :)
11:18 PM friend#1: Dts d frst thin dt u need to dump
11:19 PM friend#2: yeah ... but then its all easy isnt it ..
friend#1: It wt u feel like karneka
11:20 PM friend#2: my point is .. all those guys .. includin the gazal singers.. r noticeable cauz they passionate about their work :P
11:22 PM friend#1: den,is he happpy??.is dt wer he wntd to be?

5 minutes
11:27 PM friend#2: yea tat u have to ask him .. :D
u didn right?
big assumption
11:28 PM :P
friend#1: Ya ya..big one!!
11:31 PM friend#2: :) ... anyways i would say ... "go for it !!" anytime .. if its ur passion u ll be happy (detached from all the standards put up by society n u n me n our best friends n ur moms n ur dads n ur idol whoever)
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