Friday, August 27, 2010

being a Kashmiri..

i wonder how it is?

loved apart.. cared apart.. life apart.. adored apart.. killed apart.. refuged apart in your own home .. torn apart ..

they have come out on streets now... they have come out sans AKs now .. they have come out crying now .. they have come out for no help .. no refuge .. no protection .. no jobs .. no U!

wonder how it is?

few links and excerpts -
“I just stand on the street and call out for Azaadi,” says Rafiqa at the night procession in Rambagh. “And people join in.” Even at 1 a.m., more women, accompanied by infants, join the march to chant slogans.
“Things seemed to be much worse during the years of militancy.” His reply was a revelation, like the lifting of several veils all at once: “Each time things get better,” he said, “The mind forgets how bad they can get.”
the key point to recognise in approaching the Kashmir issue is that in this era of post-nationalism, it is possible to preserve the distinct Kashmiri cultural identity in an autonomous political framework that is not at odds with the idea of it being part of a larger Indian Union
Kashmiriyat is a proud assertion of a unique Kashmiri cultural identity that is unabashedly pluralist in its moorings, inclusive in its orientation that embraces both Muslims and Pandits. It is as far removed from the hard-line Islamists who seek to hijack this sentiment and turn it into a movement for self-determination, as it is from the Hindu nationalists who demand Kashmir's complete integration with the Indian Union

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