Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food and Beer @ Mangalore

Fish Curry Rice @ Narayana's - The absolute case of climax and anti-climax in span of few hours... starts with C coming home Saturday noon tryin hard to fix his last night's hangover, (i mostly wouldn't have joined his last night boozing) and would have just woken up from last night's gupsup or movies ... and ofcourse we both are hungry .. and so we start off picking up any stray roomies (S,P or/& J) who haven't munched anything else yet ... it's my car to Narayana's (it's old dock road behind erstwhile Taj Manjuran which by the way is renamed to 'The Gateway')... the place is packed and its definitely very small to accommodate to many in queue already... so u need to pick up those places where u know the guy is licking his fingers for almost last time .. (knowin tat comes with practice) ... well by now we are completely drained out given our empty stomach and hangovers to some :).. the finger licking sucker gets up and we sit down (anyplace u get .. u r not here for family formal lunch.. u r here to eat tat fish) ... so now finally v await our food .. the rice thaali with curry and pickle arrives almost instantly ..making us instantly start craving for our Anjal ... thoda bahut mu maarna shuru kar diya .. bhuk bhi toh lagi hai and then after waiting till eternity those sizzling fishes arrive .. we used to chose Anjal anytime (many reasons for that .. far lesser messy.. very filling.. and tastes really good with that hot masala over it) ... this thing is hot and so you start pocking your fingers almost instantly .. caring least about the burnt fingers... so we start filling ourselves up .. the rice .. the curry... the pickle.. the Anjal .. the red masala... all moulded in to 1 and into the mouth instantly ... (cautionary note - All hands here) .. the fish is delicious and so is the curry .. and after an hour long endeavor we are through and filled to the brim ... after this heavy meal (plateful of boiled rice and 2 Anjals).. the space-time dimensions stretch out... every meter and minute feels stretched to respective higher cousins... if comin over every step was a milestone .. then while goin back every step feels snailstone... all this and time is 2 already.. and time is for real afternoon sleep.. so you see its like this .. u prepare.. u drive.. u arrive.. u conquer .. u eat.. and then u fill urself.. and then u start retreating as fast as u can.. u take tat last bite.. u get up .. wash ur hands.. pay up the bill .. move out... pick a smoke ... put it off before its even half way thru .. u get into car.. u take those damn turns.. and u get down at ur place.. u go up the lift .. u open the door.. u let loose ur belt and u fall off that bed .. THE END

p.s. i need to do a special mention here .. the place was also introduced to me by Mr. D :)

Sizzlers @ Ranch - i do not know why .. but this place gave me sizzling hot vegetables and sauces as delicious as sizzling hot ghar ka khaana ... this place became ritual with Mr A .. absolute gentleman contrast to my C :) ... the guy is strict veggie and used to love this place almost or may be more than i did.. the place serves you Satellite, Shashlik, Italiano, Baked Beans etc. of which the Satellite, served with a disc shaped cutlet and melting cheese over-it, was the superstar .. followed by my personal favourite Baked Beans and Italiano... the place is just behind the Mangalore Corporation building and is absolutely packed with ppl and beauties :) and Infoscions as well :(

p.s. another special mention.. this place was introduced by me to almost everyone else.. besides those which introduced it to me i.e. Mr J and Ms. R :)

Draught @ Froth on Top - if it wasn't for this place i wouldn't be drinking beer right now and neither would have i have such fun at such place in mangalore... the place is straight from retro and cartoons sketched in its inner wall... and it serves only Beer! ... introduced for first time by ma D and later made life by C, G and B ... the songs are pure ol' time american country music .. a lil zing added nowadays though.. and you enjoy! .. the beer .. the atmosphere ... is definitely good!! and its just next to Diesel Cafe

Wine and Continental @ Diesel Cafe - the place got my fancy in my initial days... the place .. the music.. the sitting.. the wine and the of-course the divine and sinful Chocolate Mousse ... the place is just next to FOT :p

Some Like It Hot @ Cherry Square - woh nahi try kiya toh kya kiya .. the place definitely served best of such even against the more popular Sizzler's Ranch ... the name's definitely makes u pick that up :) ... and the browni and vanilla ice-cream over hot plate marred by hot hot chocolate... man that definitely is awesome... and this place is well not exactly next to Diesel Cafe but surely next to it :)

Gadbad/Tiramisu @ Ideals - the hot favorite among the Mangaloreans, but i find them best thing to have if u haven't had ur lunch or dinner :) .. but definitely a place to visit in Mangalore.. go in afternoon and you will find all the aunties out to do the marketting cooling off there .. and then in the evening will be the Mangalore's rich and poor out there pumping in there scoop.. .for location ask any Mangalorean!!

Choco Cake @ Temptation - The only place which dares itself past midnight in Mangalore and that's why we the 602+904 used to end up there, almost everyday ... the frequency died down with the number of 602+904 but the place remains there for its Choco Cake... the chocolate ice cream and choco cake with nuts and sizzling chocolate sauce.. amazing! ..

Vodka and Prawns @ Village - Mr K had come over and we went out to try famous mangalorean sea food.. i knew this place to be good and really good given its village-like ambiance along side the lengthy water fall... we seated just next to it and ordered our first dish of Prawns and along with that citrus twist with Sprite.. we ordered 2 plates.. and single prawn piece filled up the entire plate! .. wat a dish and then 2nd and 3rd time was just the repeat :D

Fish and Beer @ Gazalee - any place u get nice food + the ambience + the beer .. its this place... Specifically sea-food restaurant and the view is pan Mangalorean along the highway and into the city ... open air and open mouthed waiters (ignore them) .. C and I used to be there when we ran out of mood for afore mentioned places.

Punjabi Dhaba @ KS Rao Road - this is another place where 602+904 started having our initial dinners in Mangalore and this is the place i had my dinner just a night before i left ... the place is pure veggie and if you ask me .. The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Mangalore.. be the daal makhani.. paneer butter masaala.. the classic tomato soup .. or gobhi ka paratha... all is just mouth wateringly delicious here... and besides the AC room of this place is guarded by a big glass sheet on the traffic end.. so the moving traffic gives u nostalgia of Mumbai Restaurants .. I m glad i finished off my Mangalore outing :p at this Place

Signature @ Haveli 305 - Mr. D, J, M, R, A & H all the residents (/proxy residents) of this Haveli had single brand in mind that is Signature and so will this be my brand for years to come :D ... the place has ceased to exist the way it used to be... so location is of least importance ... well the same place has also hosted Black Dogs, Red Labels etc. :)
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