Monday, August 31, 2009

Part 2 : Why I never liked this place..

contd from .. PTO to day before..

Daily routine started with class-teacher doing those attendance calls. Except for the part, i trying to comprehend the noise everything else went about smoothly. It's like a toofaan right in middle of perfect stillness. All there right there in my mind. This lead to me taking least interest on what was ever being taught! I guess I could manage all by myself, given the couple of tuitions, mom's smacks and excellent brain that I had :p. All this lead me, to believe in being street smart and so I knew what to do .. i took interest in Karate and Scouts.. damn! the day I stood up to volunteer for Scouts.. the whole class ROTFLing.. :) and then the Karate .. it sounded too well and for me it just ended being that! .. try pushing out a loudest snort through ur nostrils and there it is all I know about Karate!. I used to like very few subjects and I know which I hated most. It was HINDI! .. and till date when m associated of being the loyal son of HindiLand, i can only smirk at response. I hated it, could never master it and could never take it seriously, for this is my mother tongue and I needn't bother studying it until a day before. About the subjects i liked .. so it turned out that teachers for those subjects were also cool.. maths and science always brought up interesting and cool teachers in our school. Ms. Marwah for Geometry and Ms. Pallavi for science :) or Mr. Venkatesh (all those names sound d same to me) for Algebra .. i remember them ! ... apart from them it was Mr. Joseph for english, who just acted cool along with dumbest person of all PT trainers Mr.Nilesh! Rest came and went and had me only concerned when I had to fill those school notebooks for submission. Know how it used to be, each and every notebook of each and every student of each and every division of each and every class stamped and signed by Principal!! at end of each term. So this lead to hasty copy-paste of history, geography, Hindi, Marathi and English.. well for the Science and Maths i do not remember ever going thru this .. in my defense it was our incomplete curriculum by our incompetent Masternis that lead to all this chaos. Anyways, i didn't care! from what i have learnt (or rather not learnt) history and geography could never be taught. One exception to that now, geography does have some sense if our imbecile minds were made to read it with sense, i remember learning that from one of our geography teacher! she made sense of tundra regions and habitat surrounding that :). Another part of school curriculum i hated was Moral Science. Damn those art work, those oil paints, those ..those ..those hand works with needles and stuff. I used to like painting until i was schooled.

... PTO day after .. :)
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