Sunday, August 30, 2009

Part 1 : Why I never liked this place

Its the place, where everyone goes back to, nostalgically, in fond remembrance. The gates, the bells, the morning assembly, the teachers, the intervals, the vada paos,the PT, the Karate, the Scouts, the Nuisance, the mis-behaviours etc. I do not like to remember any of them now. My school had gates which opened to an over-flowing gutters when it rained, making it really hard to enter. My school bells used to ring up just before i crossed those gates. Next was the chaotic assemblage of some 700-800 students, instructed by Discipline-In-Chargers (another name for Dogs-in-Charge), hostile teachers, and one Principle ! (i do not remember his name now, we used to call him Bull Dog). Once I reached assembly just after the morning news was read, that's when it struck me that it was I, who was suppose to do that today! Then of-course since you are late and lived just 100mts from School, you had to hear all the bullshits which far offs never had to. I hated that part! how does it matter if u lived so close or so far.. its this school which starts so early in day (6.30am) and all this because it needed same class-rooms for lower grades in afternoon. When you are past the assembly, then cleanliness checkers come in(that AB style won't do.. tat Baby needs to cut her nails lil more short). Most of the time I was stuck here too, cauz my hairs won't stop growing and I hated sitting at barbers'. I remember once, it was my Mom-Dad who did my hairs for sake I pass through those eyes. I had this charisma of AB in me ;) liked to keep those hairs pulled straight back ..but that lead the onlooker to believe that u have the extra long hairs and that wasn't allowed! and so my Mom insisted I keep them parted at one end.. anyways that helped me past the eyes many times until the day I was liberated from that place.. i've never ever thought of getting back to that style now !

... PTO day after .. :)
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